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Popular University ‘Happening Babe’ Allegedly Turns Into Snake After Fun Night with Sugar Daddy (Photos)

It was like a scene from a horror movie when a popular female student of a university turned into a snake after spending some fun night with her sugar daddy in a hotel.



A popular ‘happening babe’ from the University of Nairobi in Kenya, allegedly turned into a big snake few minutes after a man said to be her sugar daddy, dropped her at her hostel residence.

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An eyewitness who is one of the victim’s close friends narrated the chilling incident and said;

“Everything happened so quickly, she had just alighted from the vehicle and I saw her walk into her room. I was on my way to her room when I heard her screaming. I quickly pushed the door open an behold I saw her turning into a snake, on her bed, right before my very own eyes.”

The authorities of the University of Nairobi who reacted to the news, gave a strict warning to the female students of the Institution to avoid going out with strangers in order to avert a recurrence of a similar case.

Meanwhile security operatives are currently searching for the suspected man, while the eye witness has been remanded in custody for further interrogation.

6 Comments on Popular University ‘Happening Babe’ Allegedly Turns Into Snake After Fun Night with Sugar Daddy (Photos)

  1. Very sad one


  2. Anyway this stand as a lesson to others


  3. This one na gobe


  4. Fabu!!!!!!


  5. Usually type of silly fable you here in Africa


  6. Maybe someone has dressed up this room with a twin bed and posed their pet python on it. Photographed it just to trend on Social Media. I doubt if this story emanated from Africa in the first place. We all know the side of the world that keep pet pythons. Una thank you.


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