1. SERAP or SIRUP you are called..i have never in my entire life see an organization as stupid as you people….buch of naive men and woman …why can’t you institute criminal charges against buhari that spent Our 20 millionNaira tax payers money to repare his ear…..i am ashamed of you people….bunch of lazy men and women .

  2. Na dis useless lawyer go kill the case…even EFCC is a toothless dog, the woman is supposed to be behind bars by now, after all she’s now an ordinary citizen…all these former first lady stuff na wash…who she epp sef?

  3. Is all these these bravado by this bush and ill natured woman, Patience, meant to intimidate EFCC and circumvent the law
    Patience seems too daft to understand that her threats to the law enforcement agents can only compound her already bad sutiation
    Apparently the enormity of the criminal case hanging over her neck is yet to dawn on her
    For goodness sake, does this uncultured woman think she is above the law ?
    Obviously, she is yet to come to grip with the fact that her husband has been kicked out of power

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