I’ll Use My Stick to Rub Between Your Legs – Student Exposes Maths Teacher After Asking Her for S*x (Photos)

In what may come as yet another shocking story of s*xual harassment from an adult to a minor, a secondary school student in Uyo has exposed her Mathematics teacher who asked her for s*x on Facebook.






A Facebook user has shared a story about how a teenage girl was allegedly being pestered for s*x by her Mathematics teacher in Uyo.

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Below is how he shared the story:

“We are no strangers to the abuses girls are plagued with all their lives. Most girls face these things right from secondary school and at the hands of hyper-s*xual overreaching teachers and Youth Corps members (one of the reasons I don’t support the posting of inexperienced and irresponsible young boys to teach and abuse girls in secondary schools in the name of nysc).

“What we have here is a case to show how deep we have snowballed. A young teacher, named Ndubuisi Vincent, takes mathematics at Nuco comprehensive secondary school, Uyo. He has been disturbing a student known as Idara Okon for s*xual favours for a long time. He took his advances to Facebook and he sent the girl inappropriate messages.

“The girl could take it no further and she resolved to expose him by sharing screenshots of their conversations online. She tagged other teachers and the school management. I have uploaded the said conversations here as proof together with other screenshots surrounding the event.

“I enjoin concerned Nigerians to fight against child abuse and female abuse. The girl child suffers too much in Nigeria. At 17, a girl should be focused on her books and passing WAEC, NECO, JAMB, and any other exam that Nigeria plagues her with, and not sleeping with randy male teachers who have nothing to offer.

“I seize this medium to warn all those partaking in this great injustice, at all levels, to desist from it. Those who do this forget the law of karma. They’ll soon have daughters of their own. Apart from that, they forget that the world is becoming better oriented and advanced. As for the guilty ones, learn from this and know that your time is coming. Trust me when I say you won’t believe it when it happens.

“This young teacher needs to be punished and prosecuted for child abuse, breach of trust and any other crime he has committed. Let his case serve as a detterent for others who engage in questionable acts such as this. The next people that will be served like this are randy male corpers who abuse people’s children in the name of serving the country. To those corpers, I say big brother is watching you!

“I am a scholar and social activist who write from Okpara-Inland, Nigeria.”



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