Man threatens to shoot FRSC official over seat belts in Abuja

A man and his wife in Abuja reportedly threatened to shoot officials of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) on Sunday for asking them to use seat belts.


What started as a mild drama a few yards away from the Living Faith Church, popularly known as Winner’s Chapel, Durumi area of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) turned violent when the unidentified man pulled a gun on the FRSC officials.

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The man, a member of the church, was returning after the first service with his family in the car, when he caused a scene with his bizarre behavior. Driving in a car with registration number – SD01 RBC, he was pulled over by the officials for safety reason.

Sources said the man and his wife were asked to wear their seat belts by the FRSC Special Marshal, but he pulled out a gun and attempted to shoot the Corps Marshal.

According to an eyewitness and activist, Dorothy Njamanze, “the man refused to obey and the special marshals tried to stop him by standing in front of his car. He moved his car to crush them and they banged on his door.

“To the shock of everyone, he came out with his gun, pointed it at an FRSC marshal, cocked it and threatened to shoot him. It was shocking to note that he was carrying his family, including children in the car.”

The identity of the man is yet to be traced, but officials said efforts were on to fish him out for reprimand.

The incident, which was captured in a video footage, went viral yesterday as the man could be seen shouting that he would blow off the heads of the officials during the ensuing argument.

The man, who was driving a Honda Accord car with plate number SD01-RBC, pointed his gun menacingly at the officials while his wife backed him.

The officials, who seemed helpless in the situation, however, got a video clip of the argument as well as the plate number of his car and released it online with a call to Nigerians to identify the man for possible arrest.



  1. It should not be difficult to trace the man. The FRSC can access the vehicle registration database to identify the man. They can always visit his church on another day to find him. Even if it was his legally held service weapon, he should not be brandishing it in a very threatening manner.

  2. That shows the kind of people these churches gather together in the name of worshiping God. They are never people who really are in search of
    God, but the promises of good life, miracles and destruction of perceived enemies these pastors promise. So, there is no Godliness in Them. It is the Bible instruction that Servants of God should obey constituted authorities, as they are allowed in their positions by God.

  3. Not being able to easily trace this madman, from the pit of hell, is part of the pitfalls of lack of development
    Here in UK, it takes minutes to fish out criminal motorists, like this gun man thug, that bullied and harassed FRSC officers on legal duty
    Here, every vehicle must be registered with the central authority (DVLA)
    Any vehicle owner that changes his or her address must notify DVLA of the new development immediately or faces jail term without any option of fine
    This is part of the rotteness in the type of religion being practiced in sub Saharan Africa
    This uncultured savage, who behaved in this most despicable manner, was reported to have just left a church
    Is it not now clear enough that one’s true inner self remains with him or her,irrespective of religious standing
    That is why the current Pope emphasised it that even atheists will be redeemed as long as they do good on earth

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