Recession: Senate recommends sale of national assets

According to reports, the President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki, has recommended the sale of some national assets and the utilisation of proceeds for infrastructure development.


This, he said, was necessary for the nation to fight it’s way out of the current recession.

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Saraki said this in his welcome address to Senators at the resumption of plenary on Tuesday.

He said, “The Executive must raise capital from asset sales and other sources to shore up foreign reserves. This will calm investors, discourage currency speculation and stabilise the economy.

“The measures should include part sale of NLNG Holdings; reduction of government share in upstream oil joint venture operation; government stake in financial institutions, e.g, African Finance Cooperation; and the privatisation and concessions of major/regional airports and refineries.”

The Senate President also urged the President Muhammadu Buhari-led executive to among other things engage in meaningful dialogue with those aggrieved in the Niger Delta.

However, the House of Representatives members barely sat for 40 minutes before adjourning plenary for the day.

The Speaker, Yakubu Dogara, announced the demise of three former and one serving member of the House after which he called for Christian and Muslim prayers for the repose of the souls of the departed.



  1. Saraki Pls kick start by selling off your personal belongings with your ill gotten wealth all over the world and give it to Buhari to increase the country foreign reserve.U stylishly want to purchase them barawo, ole

  2. This Saraki wanted sell this great nation at all cost! Instead of this jesters to cut cost of rearing them year in year out, they are now planning to mortgage the remaining things our fore father left for us as a nation. Let all former political office holders return all their loots and see how Nigeria will be great again.

  3. If the nation sells off the senate, being one her assets, she would gather the resources required to get out of this recession. One hopes that the Senate president is offering this selfless alternative.

  4. How can you sell what you call ASSETS?

    He just said “sell the future, so we can steal it today”
    They want to “kill the goose that laid the eggs so they can get all the eggs today”!
    God will not gree for all of the saboteurs of Nigeria, amen.

  5. They are ALL THIEVES. They will be the one to buy our National Assets and Treasures with camouflage company names.
    THIEVES in Government !!!

  6. Is NLNG, refineries and Oil the only national assets? Nigeria has Coal and other mineral resources. They shd sell to those proposing Nigeria shd sell some of their assets.

  7. Gentlemen, i am happy with all your comments on this issue of selling off Nigeria Assets! To whom??? Thesame Thiefs??? Let the so called Doctors, Professors and Think Thanks hold meetings to brainstorms and get Nigeria out of this MESS!

    We surely has the capacity to do so with abundance of Technocracts intellectuals Nigeria has all over the World.
    Saraki is talking Non-Sense!
    He is a THIEF!

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