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See the Massive Fishes Caught by Residents of Baga in Borno State (Photos)

You won’t believe the size of the massive fishes caught in Baga, Borno State by residents who returned since the military chased Boko Haram members away from the state.





Since the Nigerian Army pursued Boko Haram away from Baga in Borno State, the residents are enjoying relative peace and have gone ahead to celebrate.

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Just a few months after going back home, some of the fisher men from the place have caught massive fishes and other sea creatures and posed for the camera.

The news was shared by Buhari Sallau who wrote on Facebook: “Peace is sweet, this is Baga of Borno the home of natural fishing just few months after regaining freedom from Boko haram kudus to our gallant Army . Alhamdulillah!!!”

5 Comments on See the Massive Fishes Caught by Residents of Baga in Borno State (Photos)

  1. They are fishers of men


  2. Wow!! that’s massive, it will be good for barbecue


  3. There is a lesson here:
    Nigeria is blessed with all the resources if well managed.
    The ‘forced’ suspension of fishing (by Boko Haram) allowed the fish to thrive and grow to maximum size. People need to be resourceful with our resources; it is not that something miraculous just happened to the fishes, it’s because people have been ‘over-fishing’…………… harvesting the fish prematurely.
    I hope we learn the wisdom of conservation, resourcefulness and leaving the natural resources to recover (e.g. let the soil replenish by crop rotation, fallow etc). It is wisdom, you get more for your patience!


  4. Wa ooo, God bless Nigeria more


  5. This is big indeed


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