Shameless Man Caught After Ejaculating on a Woman Inside the Bus (Photos)

A s*x-starved passenger who mistakenly ejaculated after rubbing his manhood on a woman inside a bus has landed in trouble as the woman insisted that he must buy her new clothes.




A Kenyan man was disgraced inside a bus by a woman after he caught him ejaculating on her body.

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According to a video which showed the man being manhandled by the woman for the alleged act, she also insisted on dragging him to the police station for which he continued to beg her endlessly.

Tuko reports that the s*x craved man was standing behind the woman in the packed bus with his p*nis pressed against the woman’s behind, a thing that ended up being too much for him.

He couldn’t handle the pressure and ended ejaculating on the woman’s clothes which immediately led to a scuffle with the woman burning in anger.

The woman also insisted that the man must buy her new clothes to make up for the one he soiled with his semen. Other passengers insisted the man should be taken to the police for his shocking act.

The matter was later resolved.



  1. I wonder why people would believe any and every information being given by the media. How can a woman not feel the hard pen1s of a guy pressing against her butt till the point where he ejaculated? Even if he ejaculated, he’ll only stain his pants, but not the lady’s.
    Why didn’t we get any picture/s of that if it was really true?
    People would come up with any story, just to keep their blogs relevant.

    • You may be right but on the other hand this is very possible. I have witnessed this kind of incident first hand. When I was in the university, a friend of mine just came down from a bike with a guy sitting behind her. Lo and behold there was very thick sperm on her jean trouser behind her butt and I was the first person to point that out to her. She was so embarrassed and because of the bumpy ride from school to our hostel off campus, the last thing that was on her mind was that this dude behind her would be robbing his bare prick on her derrier. Just bcos you are not a pervert doesn’t mean a multitude of them are not roaming the streets…

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