Confusion as N*ked Wizard Mysteriously ‘Falls from the Sky’ in Edo Church (Photos+Video)

According to a weird report from Benin city, Edo State a man claiming to be a wizard on a devilish mission was diabolically flying in the air before he shockingly fell into the locked premises of a Church.






Worshipers of the City Gate Ministry in Benin City area of Edo State were shocked to the mysterious discovery of an unclad man within the church premises.

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The fact that the gates of the Church were locked and locks unbroken raised suspicions about his spiritual prowess which he affirmed.

The dark young man who could be seen limping in the video probably due to the effect of the great fall admitted he is a wizard who took off from a spiritual world called ‘Agbaru’.

Prophet Ojo Agge was interviewed by newsmen and he expressed his deep shock alongside other Church members.



  1. This is a stunt contrived to deceive the gullible. It may take long but the truth will come out; there is no mystery here, our economy is heavily depressed and everyone is in search of means. Give the case to the police, the truth might emerge.

  2. The type of silly and primitive fairy tales you here in sub Saharan Africa, Z told by several crooks in the name of religion to hoodwink the gullible,in orde to squeeze the last dime out of their pockets
    Mugu go de fall
    Guy man go de chop

  3. If some people that comment here were around in the days of JESUS CHRIST, they will also say he cannot walk on water and that it’s a trick. And we are all gullible. Na wa for una.

    • Where you there ?
      Where is your proof ?
      You can believe any fairy tale or any Jewish mythology, if you care
      It’s your own life
      But the question you should try to always ask yourself is; how much prove of all these outlandish stories have you ever practically seen in your existence in this world
      Or is just “they said this, they said that”
      “Them say,them say”

  4. Tnks @solo. This is not a big deal in Benin (lived der b4). There wer happenings like ds around.

    Forgotten comedian Gordon’s joke abou d place… “bedroom na tarmac”!

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