EFCC Warns Patience Jonathan; We’ll Prosecute And Jail You If You’re Guilty (Read)

EFCC warns Patience Jonathan – Ibrahim Magu has promised that he would not spare anyone guilty of money laundering – The EFCC chairman noted that some bank officials helped corrupt people to launder fund – He vowed that bank officials promoting crime will also be dealt with.


Ibrahim Magu who is the chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has promised Patience Jonathan she would be investigated for the $15,591,700 she claimed belonged to her.

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The anti-graft agency had placed restriction on the an account which the former first lady later claimed to be hers.

Our correspondent reports that the account is being fingered as one of those involved in an alleged fraud case before a Federal High Court sitting in Lagos but Mrs Jonathan’s counsel, Gboyega Oduwole has filed a case before the court, informing that his client is unhappy with the EFCC over the recent move to freeze the account.

Amajuoyi Azubike Briggs, an ex-presidential aide; Damola Bolodeoku, a former Skye Bank official; Pluto Property and Investment Company Limited and Avalon Global Property Development Company Limited had all been charged to court over their individual involvement in the fraudulent activities with companies without address.

The Adelove News reports that Magu who spoke on Tuesday, September 20 promised that anyone guilty of money laundering will not go scot-free regardless of status.

He said: “We are on it (Patience’s $15,591,700). You see, we work for the long-term. We must complete our preliminary investigations before we come out. We will not spare anybody. We cannot protect anyone form answering to the people. “Determination is key. I believe we will go a long way. Our tomorrow is better than our today.”

The EFCC boss also promised to deal with bank officials who helped to perpetuate financial crime.

He said: “The banking sector is creating a fertile ground for corruption. It was as if the banks told the looters, go and steal and I will hide it for you. This must stop. We will zoom in on the banks. We need to stop them from creating an enabling environment for corruption to thrive.”

A week ago, in a letter through her lawyer, Sammie Somiari, the former first lady explained to Magu that she was a law-abiding citizen and used the account to pay for her medical bills and personal expenses.

“It is noteworthy to emphasise that the said accounts, which were in US dollar denomination, were card-based accounts and our client is the sole signatory to these accounts.

“Our client has been operating the said accounts using the cards for her medical bill payments and purchases for her private purposes without any let or hindrance. “Our client was therefore surprised when the said cards stop functioning on July 7, 2016, or thereabout.

Our client immediately, thereupon, contacted Skye Bank Plc through our solicitors. ‘‘It was only then that the bank officials informed our client that the said accounts were placed on a ‘No Debit Order’ following investigations and instruction from your commission and this is without notice to our client by either the bank or the commission.



  1. Huh please, nobody is above the law indeed, but the president is and some of his ministers right? … Buhari was told by the court to release Kanu of Biafra but he refused, Buhari appointed ex-governors that we heard also stole monies and he did nothing …… All he’s been trying to do is stop corruption by facing jut the PDP members who stole monies, what about the APC politicians? ……
    Since when he got into office till date … They have caught a couple of politicians and ministers who stole monies, like billion of dollars ….
    But all we have heard is from one bail to another and also court cases, so what’s the plan or end verdict? NOTHING ….. And now they won’t leave the woman alone (it’s now they remember no one is above the law, that’s just pure beef )…., if ordinary officers and minister can have stolen billions, what more of a First Lady of the nation(the money could have come from anywhere, even as gifts)…
    Before they face her, should tell us what they have done with the ones caught or with the money some returned ….their job no be only to they find thieves, wetin they happen to the thieves and the money afterwards, Na hin we wan no….
    If anyone claims to be not corrupt or fighting corruption, .. It should be general and no form of sentiments/bais should be involved ………

  2. Madam patience, finally i think you have got what you wanted and looking for,publicity hummm,this is good because you want your ass to be open to the public and so shall it be, because all other things hidden will be revailed and hope that will please you as your eyes is still out there wanting to be notice me.

  3. The president has a tenure of 48 months and he has barely served 15 months and Nigerians are always in a haste to make sarcastic comments about his good intentions and programmes. As soon as he became the president of the country, he could not boast of N2 billion in his account from his assets declaration. This is a former president of the country and erstwhile chairman of the moribund Petroleum Trust Fund! In as much as no one is a saint, the incumbent president of Nigeria is relatively honest and of high integrity compared to what we have had in the past. Nigerians still allowed themselves to be eclipsed by irrational emotions, sentiments and political shenanigans in making such bogus claim that the wife of a former president is justified in having more than N15 billion in her account and worst still meant for mere proposed medical bill without raising eyebrows as to the source of her wealth. I wonder where we are going in this country!

  4. EFCC!!! Prosecute and jail??? This sounds more like beefing O! Prosecute once you have grounds but it is the court that decides and jails not you sir. Using the media to prosecute can sway public sympathy towards you now but the real prosecution is in the court of law.

  5. @Mr Whyte, before making statements about people’s comment/comments, please go learn how to read and understand whatever is been read okkk………. I don’t think anyone or I made a statement about it been justifiable for Patience to have 15b or more in her account …..
    It’s about making sure that no one is above the law irrespective of positions(from Buhari, his wife, Jonathan, his wife, fashola, amaechi, PDP or APC) …

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