Man Finds Himself N*ked After the Smartphone He Stole Started Talking To Him

A man who stole a phone from its legal owner has had the most shocking experience of his life with the device.


Denis Okello, a 36-year-old man, has been left in distress after the smartphone he stole started questioning him why he stole it.

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Okello revealed that after stealing the phone in Lira town, Uganda on Sunday, September 18, he went home and removed the sim cards.

According to reports, strangely the phone started speaking to Okello while flashing different colours.

“When I took the phone to my house at Blue Corner in Ojwina Division Lira Municipality, the phone started talking; asking me why I had taken it,” he said. “As it was talking, the phone kept on flashing different colours,” Okello said.

Okello said at night he lost consciousness and when he woke up he was naked and shivering.

“After the whole room lit up with very bright lights, I felt unconscious. When I regained my senses, I found myself naked and my clothes hanging on the wall and the phone still talking,” he said.

The bizarre incident forced Okelo to run to Lira town and confessed to the crowd in the streets that he stole the Samsung smartphone.

Okello gave back the phone to its owner a local driver, the driver said he never used any witchcraft and was surprised by Okello’s claims.

“I am very surprised if that is what happened because I am a Christian who does not believe in witchcraft,” the phone owner said.



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