Shocking! Popular U.S Rapper Dies in Fiery Car Crash After Visiting Atlanta Strip Club (Photos)

40-year-old Atlanta-based rapper, Shawty Lo, has died in a fiery car crash after visiting Atlanta strip club leaving 11 children from 10 different women behind.





40-year-old Atlanta based rapper, Shawty Lo, who is best known for his song ‘Dey Know’ and for founding a musical group, D4L, has passed away.

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According to reports, the deceased brother announced that the rapper was ejected from his car when he hit two trees after leaving a strip club in Atlanta early on Wednesday morning.

Police reported that two other people in the car were injured and taken to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

It was learnt that during the crash, the singer was driving a white 2016 Audi when his car went out of control and crashed on the southbound ramp in Cascade Road at 2:20 am.

The rapper who grew up in Georgia, leaves behind 11 children from 10 different mothers.



  1. Sad one. This is bad news. Rest in peace. Accolades for the dead. Don’t matter no more.

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