What Will You Do if Your Daughter Does This? This is the Story That Has Quizzed Nigerians on Social Media

A very interesting story making the waves around social media, has posed a question that has gotten people scratching their heads.

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The story below told in form of a question has got people divided on social media as par what their opinions are.

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It is about a woman and her daughter and what you would do if you were in the woman’s shoes.

Below is the puzzle:

“Your 16 year old daughter in high school is going back to a boarding school after the christmas break.

“As a good mother you saw her off to the bus station and left after she had boarded the bus. After 3 hours you were told that the bus she boarded had an accident and no one survived.

“As you are going crazy making arrangement to verify her death, you received a call from your daughter saying “mum I wasn’t on that bus ooo my boyfriend insisted I spend a day in his house before I go to school”

“What will you do as a parent?

“How would you react?

“Let’s have your contribution on the story.

Social media users have found the question quite puzzling with many caught up between getting angry with the daugter and being grateful to God and her boyfriend.



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