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Budget padding: Jibrin’s allegations destroyed National Assembly’s integrity – Dogara

According to reports, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara, has said the budget padding allegations against him and other leaders of the House impacted negatively on the integrity of the National Assembly.


The speaker said this in his remarks while welcoming members back to plenary after their recess that lasted eight weeks.

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A member of the House, who was removed as Chairman, Appropriations Committee, Abdulmumin Jibrin, made the allegations against Dogara and some principal officers of the lower chamber.

Dogara said the scandal orchestrated by Jibrin posed a threat to the corporate integrity and image of the House as a democratic institution.

He said: “Shortly after we adjourned for the recess, the erstwhile Chairman, Appropriations Committee, embarked on strange propaganda clearly aimed not only at the destruction of the image of some members.

“It was also a systematic destruction of the institution of the House of Representatives and indeed, the legislature, by portraying it to the public as an irredeemably corrupt institution.

“The motivation for his actions as he has said severally and repeatedly, is to have the four principal officers removed from their positions and not that the truth should be known.

“These wild allegations which were initially directed at four members of the House leadership progressively engulfed the entire membership of the House and then, the institution.”

Dogara said the leadership of the House chose the part of maturity by maintaining great restraint, fully conscious of the fact that at the appropriate time, the truth will prevail.

He said: “I have bad news for those who think they can pull down this institution of the people.

“If history is any guide, no one, in a democracy has ever succeeded in destroying a democratic institution such as the House of Representatives.”

While assuring Nigerians that the House was fully conscious of its role, the speaker said lawmakers would not be distracted by the allegations.

He described the method adopted by Jibrin to address his allegations as inappropriate, saying there were constitutional avenues to address them considering the criminal nature of some of the allegations.

“It is, however, important to briefly say that nothing warrants the deliberate attempt at destructive public misinformation aimed at discrediting the house as an institution,” he added.

The speaker promised that reforms in the budgeting process would be initiated by the National Assembly to guard against abuses.

He said he had directed the various committees to conduct fact-finding on the level of implementation of the 2016 budget by various Ministries Departments and Agencies.

6 Comments on Budget padding: Jibrin’s allegations destroyed National Assembly’s integrity – Dogara

  1. Are you serious


  2. Still on the matter


  3. Shameful Dogara. Fool of the highest order. He thinks Nigerians are fools like him. Pay back time is very near. Corrupt Buhari silence in this whole saga is disappointing.


  4. Where is the change APC promised? Is NASS dominated by PDP members, is the House led by PDP members, or Buhari is no longer the leader of APC to give his members good example? The whole APC enterprise was built on fraud and they are exposing themselves gradually.


  5. Lukman Ogunsola // September 22, 2016 at 6:14 pm // Reply

    Integrity? Dogara and the likes deceiving in the National Assembly? For whose benefit is the budget padded? National Assembly members themselves? For revamping projects beneficial to the masses – like improving public school conditions? Do they not care about the Nigerian public school condition? because they are able to send their own children to schools abroad with govern money. They are even asking for more to be put in their pocket! Hence, the need for padding.

    May be, it is high time to make having their wards in Nigerian public school a conditional for anyone to hold public office in Nigeria. Beth it, this will make the public schools work!


  6. The refusal of Dogara to step aside to allow proper investigation to take place is really a huge discredit to the integrity of the house of reps members and whatever they represent
    You cannot preside over an organisation of which a part of it is investigating you
    It goes against all processes of logical reasoning
    This show of shame just has to stop
    Dogara should should step aside if he has any honour in him or he should get suspended
    We just have to imbibe the civilised way of doing things in this clime


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