1. He that comes to equity must come with a clean hands…the fight against corruption is purely one sided,even the deaf and the blind knows this…and trust me when I say Nigerians are no longer interested in the fight against corruption…no good account has been given about most of the recovered looted funds, most of the looters that secretly return little from the loots weren’t mention or charged or punished so as to serves as a deterrent to other intending looters…I’m not saying the former first lady shouldn’t be punished if found guilty ,but the was against corruption should be fought holistically…. if not, then its just a gimmick

  2. What can I say she brought it upon herself ..The EFCC tried to shield her but in some strange ways she refused to shielded …He who the God’s want to destroy is first made mad

  3. That is the big problem we have in this country, the same reason we have not made the kind of progress expected of a country like ours with all the resources. We are too sentimental and very sectional. Even if it the fight against corruption is “half-sided” not even up to “one”, whosoever that is identified that has stolen our money, all the money, to the last kobo, must be recovered from such person. Enough of all these rubbish of trying to justify stealing of our collective wealth by parochial & ethnic sentiments!

  4. From the way and manner Patience Jonathan is going about this case of public fund looting levelled against her, it’s quite obvious she has a low IQ and has no class whatsoever
    It remains to be seen how she would get out of the hole she dug for herself
    Besides, it’s quite alarming how some conspiracy theorists go about defending her and other thieves with the silly excuse of one fucking “one sided” anti corruption war
    Ironically this same malicious detractors are the ones making the loudest noise about economic recession and how Nigerians are suffering, after which they will turn around and make sensless excuses for those very criminals that threw the nation into this economic mess by their avaricious tendencies

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