God truly exists, I’m a living example of what He can do – Ooni of Ife

The Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi on Tuesday averred that the Almighty God is the Alpha and Omega, stressing that he is a living example of what God can do as his ascendance to the throne is nobody’s making.


It would be recalled that Ooni had recently been criticized by some Yoruba elders for kneeling down to pray to God. But in a swift reaction, the monarch said he committed no crime by the act, saying, “no King on Earth is above God.God is the creator of mankind and it is God that makes it possible for the enthronement of any king.”

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Adelove News reports that the Monarch was speaking at an event in Abuja. He said: “Anyone who says there is no God bring that person to me as I am a living example of what God can do. He is the Alpha and Omega. Those who are saying there is no God definitely need to encounter God. Ascending this throne, rising to this height was not my making, nobody’s making.”

While encouraging youths in the country that they can achieve whatever they set their mind on, he said: “I see my position today as a message to the youths. That whatever you focus your minds on, can be achieved. Where there is a will there is a way. My ascendance to the throne should motivate the youths to takeover leadership.”

The Ooni further harped on the need for Nigerian leaders to lead by example by patronizing and using goods made in the country, stressing that the country will become great when those in positions of authority start doing so.

His words, “Our leaders must lead by example. The day Nigerian leaders start to wear Nigerian shoes; the day Nigerian leaders start to wear Nigerian attires; the day Nigerian leaders start to use materials made in Nigeria for the construction of buildings, from federal to states to local level.

“Even if it is not perfect let us stop condemning things that we have. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Let us encourage local producers, local manufacturers, small scale industrialists and the only way we can encourage them is by we ourselves patronizing them.”

Highlighting how good products gotten from the country are, the Ooni said: “The gold I’m wearing I know where it came from in the ground. They brought gold for me from Paris and the United Arab Emirate. They called it millions of Naira. I said why should I buy it. We have gold in Nigeria but they said nobody is exploring gold. My kingdom has one of the largest gold deposits in Nigeria. I took the gold and discovered it is a belt that runs all the way to Sokoto.

“No company in this country has done that exploration. It is still underground lying there yet we are suffering as a nation. Nigeria has the most purified gold in the world. I am very proud to say I am putting on Nigerian gold. My bid: they go all the way to Benin to look for it. We are passing through challenges as a nation but what are we doing individually to make this country a great nation?”

The Ooni who further said that oil exploration in the country was a distraction questioned why the nation abandoned the export of cocoa, Kola nut, and palm oil. He said Nigeria had retrogressed in terms of diversification and the sooner the country realize that, the better. He charged the youths to remain focus by not making money the focus of their dreams. He said dream should depend on one’s passion to thrive.



  1. There is not doubt that God exists and he is the alfa and omega
    Our forefathers had already known and worshiped the one and only God before the ardvent of the slave masters
    Talking of idol worshipping,this phenomenon existed all over the world especially in the medival era,including among the Jews and Europeans
    The problem now is when some religious denominations ignorantly go about condemning others to hell for not worshiping God in their way
    The Christains, Muslims, Hindu, Bhuddists and others all worship the only one God but, through different medium
    As it can be seen, God distributed his blessings across the world,irrespective of religious affiliation
    Which goes to show that God is too generous and kind to confine himself to only one particular group

  2. Kabiyesi, The Ooni of Ife. The Almighty God, true King of kings is with you and will always lift you up. You aren’t seeing nothing yet. More grace to your throne. Kade pe lori, ki pata pe lese (may you leave long)

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