Ladies, Be Wise! These are 10 Reasons Why You Should Travel With a Guy Before You Marry Him

Getting to travel with your man before you finally get tied to him for the rest of your life is very important for these reasons.


If you get the opportunity to travel with your guy, before you get married, then jump at that chance, because it’s the perfect way to really find out what he is like. You get to see what he’s like under pressure, how he deals with unfamiliar situations and you find out what it’s like living with him 24 hours a day. So, book that vacation now, before you tie the knot, because here are ten good reasons why you should:

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1. Travelling can bring out the best and the worst in people

People just let themselves go more on vacation and that can highlight both the good and the bad in people. You’ll be able to see him with his guard down and that might either confirm your worst fears or cement your love for him.

3. You’ll be able to see how he treats other people

Does he snap his fingers at the waiters and complain all the time or is he more tolerant and patient? Some people behave appallingly on vacation, because they think that no one will see them. It’s a good way to get a picture of his true personality.

4. You will see how he copes with being out of his comfort zone

When you travel away from home, you will be in unfamiliar surroundings and without your usual support network. This will show how well he copes with awkward situations and also how well you work together as a team.

5. You’ll find out more about his habits

When you share the close proximity of a hotel room with someone you will certainly get to know them better. You’ll also get to see all his personal habits and some of them might come as a bit of a surprise!

6. You will see how he reacts under pressure

Planes get delayed, hotel rooms aren’t always up to scratch and you will probably forget to pack some things, so now’s the time you really see how he reacts, when things go a wrong. It will be far better to find out now that he has a short fuse than finding out after the wedding day.

7. You will figure out how generous he really is

A vacation is also a good time to find out how generous he is. You can watch to see how generously he tips and how hard he haggles down the price with street vendors. You might also be able to gauge his reaction to those less well off than him, such as street beggars.

8. You’ll find out how adventurous he is

You’ll also find out how willing he is to try out new things. Will he try the local cuisine and learn a bit of the language? Or will he head straight for the nearest McDonalds and complain that the locals don’t understand him?

9. You’ll learn more about his likes and dislikes

With no work to occupy him, you’ll really be able to learn what he likes to do with his free time. Does he like action packed adventure, or is he more happy snoozing on the beach? You’ll also find out how good he is at compromising, when you want to do different things from him.

10. You’ll find out if he will drive you mad!

A two week vacation is far from a lifetime, but it does provide with an excellent opportunity to decide if you really can live with this guy. So, if you find that, when you get home, you’re glad it’s all over, you are going to have a lot of serious soul searching to do!



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