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Man Dumps His Wife then Goes for the Woman Who Baked their Wedding Cake…You Won’t Believe Why

In what will come across as a really interesting development, a man has dumped his wife for a most unlikely person.


A young woman has told a really interesting story about how her husband left her for aother woman…and to make matters worse, the woman he went to next was the lady who made their wedding cake.

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The young woman, (name withheld) revealed that she got married in 2015 in a colourful wedding attended by close family and friends.

She revealed that she felt like she had made the best choice of her lifetime; marrying her best friend.

According to reports, the woman said after their honeymoon, they resumed work and started living life as husband and wife.

One Friday evening in June 2016, her husband came home late. She was in the company of the lady who baked their wedding cake. Since she was a family friend, her presence in their house didn’t raise any hell. She stayed overnight and left the following morning.

In July 2016, the couple fell out after a slight argument. The woman narrates that she was unable to go back home that day and stayed with a friend.

When she went back, everything had changed. For two weeks, her husband ignored her completely and never initiated intimacy.

They later talked and agreed to give themselves time to rethink things and start all over again. The woman moved back home and rarely communicated with her husband.

When the weekend came, she texted the man alerting him that she was on her way to see him. He replied with a curt OK.

She got to her former house and knocked, hoping to melt into the arms of her man. To her shock, the door was opened by the cake lady.

Again, it didn’t ring any bells. She got into her house, walked past the woman and went to the bedroom. She wanted to take a shower before relaxing.

Before she could even get into her shower gear, her husband called her from the kitchen:

“Where do you think you are going, have some manners, can’t you see my wife?” He queried.

The woman was shocked beyond comprehension. Her husband, as casually as casual be, told her that he had ceased being her husband weeks back and was, as a matter of fact, married to the cake woman.

She left the house in a flurry of skirts and a torrent of tears. She decided to call her mother in law to get to the bottom of the matter.

Later on, her mother-in-law with her husband expained to her why he had remarried in just a year. According to them, she was always wearing trousers, and being disrespectful and that she had also failed to give birth to a baby

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