See a Throwback Picture of the Most Flamboyant Politician in Nigeria in the 60s (Photo)

The late Festus Okotie-Eboh has been described as the most flamboyant politician during his time.


Above is a picture of Festus Okotie-Eboh making a public appearance in a native attire that reeks of opulence. The expensive extension of the cloth was so long that it was tied to the neck of a boy while a large part of it swept the ground.

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Festus Okotie-Eboh (1919-1966) was a Nigerian politician and former Minister of Finance during the administration of Abubakar Tafawa Balewa.

Born to Urhobo parents from Uwherun, he adopted the Itsekiri as his tribe after marriage into an Itsekiri family. Before his change of ethnicity he was Chief Festus Samuel Edah.

He was a National Treasurer of the Nigerian First Republic party, NCNC, he was also a leader of the Federal Parliamentary Party of NCNC, replacing K.O. Mbadiwe.

In 1951, after some influence from Azikiwe, he contested for a seat and was elected into the western region House of Assembly.

In 1954, he was elected treasurer of the N.C.N.C. and was successful as the party’s candidate to represent Warri division in the House of Representatives.

He was nominated as the Federal Minister of Labour and Welfare in January, 1955 and two years later, he was made Finance Minister.



  1. Nigeria lost it right from the start.
    Our 1st Finance Minister disowned his tribe n changed to his wife’s, Wow!
    He dresses like he is Royalty whereas he should be serving.
    He was killed in 1963, but his children are still in court till date, fighting over the £1m plus he left in his Barclays Bank account.
    Now our parents will be saying Nigeria was better then but they laid the footprints and designed the template for the lack of focus.
    Nigeria we hail thee

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