Shocking Discovery: See The Trending ‘Suction Cup Machine’ Women Use to Make Their Butt Bigger (Photos)

Have you ever wondered why many women are pictured in recent times with bigger butts like never seen before? We went on a research to find out, and our discovery is quite interesting.




In recent times, most young ladies have been seen with bigger butts like never before as the new trend continues to go viral in our entertainment and lifestyle society, but what is the secret of the bigger butts?

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Adelove news went on a research and found out that they use an enhancement device called the “Suction Cups” which is placed on the buttocks and is able to correct and tone the gluteal muscles.

We also discovered that they place the cups on the buttocks, leaving them fixed for some period of time (probably hours), keeping the pressure medium or low according to patient’s comfort and the discretion of the therapist using pulse frequency.

These cups are made of a transparent material that allows the therapist to visualize the effect of suction, monitor treatment and ensure quality.

In confirmation of our discovery, popular U.S urban news website, added that; “There’s a company in Atlanta that developed a machine to give “non-surgical suction butt lifts.” A woman (or man – it is Atlanta remember) lies down on her stomach, and a suction cup is placed on each BUTT CHEEK.

“Then the machine is turned on and it SUCKS the cheeks. According to the physician’s office that runs the machine – iit’ssupposed to add VOLUME to your butt.”



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