Three-Year-Old Girl Drowns After Stepfather Repeatedly Throws Her Into Pool (Photos+ Video)

A man has been caught on camera doing the unbelievable to his own stepdaughter in broad daylight at a swimming pool.




A video which has since gone viral online, shows the man repeatedly throwing the 3-year-old girl into in a swimming pool, causing her to drown.

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According to reports, the man has however been caught and jailed for 100 years.

The man, identified as Jose David N., was spotted in the horrifying surveillance footage, throwing the child into the water at a hotel in the city of Morelia, in the south-western Mexican state of Michoacan.

The little girl is seen battling really hard to keep herself afloat without success. Meanwhile, the murderous man stands at the side of the pool doing nothing.

The helpless little girl could not swim, and other bathers did nothing to try and save her.

According to reports, the youngster’s mother, who is a nurse, did not realize her child was dead until after she had made one more visit to the pool with her husband.

They then returned to find the lifeless girl in front of the TV, prompting them to take her to hospital.

She died a short time later. The mother claimed she did not know her daughter was being mistreated until she saw the shocking video clips.



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