$15m scandal: Patience Jonathan has no case to answer – IYC

Ijaw youths, drawn from the Nine States of the Niger Delta region, on Thursday faulted as ‘witch-hunt” and “deliberate plot “against the former first family of the ongoing decision by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to investigate the former First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan, over alleged money laundering and illegal possession of unexplained funds.


According to the Ijaw Youths, though the EFCC has a right to investigate allegations and secure proof before dragging the culprit before the competent court of law, the deliberate media trial of the Former First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan of deliberately executing a planned witch-hunt against former President Goodluck Jonathan and his wife, Patience is a confirmation that she has no case to answer but subjected to ridicule under a plot conceived to disgrace anyone close to Former President Goodluck Jonathan.

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The Ijaw Youths under the aegis of the Ijaw Youths Council (IYC) worldwide and led by its President, Engr. Udengs Eradiri, told newsmen in Yenagoa, that the action of the EFCC is “unacceptable, immoral and illegal. It was unfortunate that the EFCC could not learn from the fallout of the way it handled the case of former ex-militant leader, Government Ekpuompolo, alias Tomoplo.”

“The EFCC’s indiscreet media trial of Tompolo led to the crisis in the Niger Delta that plunged the country into the current economic mess. Jonathan’s wife like most former First Ladies made her money from gifts and gratifications insisting that there was no law against such gestures. First Ladies in Nigeria do not do any work. A woman naturally attracts a lot of gifts from men let alone a First Lady who has the power to recommend you for something”.

“They receive a lot of thank you and gratifications because most cases they recommend people who come back to thank them. Even when they do not recommend, people go and say good morning with a million dollar. It did not start with Patience Jonathan. We know how influential the former First Lady of this country and other First Ladies were. We know how powerful, rich and wealthy they are and the property they acquired as a result of gratification. if you say Patience should show how she made her money, you must start with all the First Ladies, otherwise, it is a witch-hunt. Patience Jonathan got her wealth from thank you and there is nowhere in the law that says we should not receive thank you”.

“So, EFCC should stop this nonsense. If you have issues, go and follow the due process and don’t begin to use the media to tarnish the image of the former first family. jaw youths would not tolerate further attacks and insults on Jonathan’s family adding that the former President deserved respect. Despite the humiliation Jonathan suffered from the wife of late former President Musa Yar’Adua, he never harassed the late President’s family.Jonathan should be respected in Nigeria. You heard what happened during the time of late President Yar’Adua, Jonathan did not witch-hunt that family irrespective of the humiliation he suffered despite the position of the law”.

“This is a witch-hunt and the EFCC must stop this attitude because very soon, people will begin to resist them. Nigerians will get to the point where they will no longer accept it. We support the fight against corruption. All of us know that corruption has eaten deep into our fabric but this selective fight especially geared towards the region must not be allowed,” Eradiri said.

He lamented that despite the corruption traced to the former late Head of State, Gen. Sani Abacha and his family, the government still approved a university for his wife.

“It is in this country that they talked about Abacha’s loot, yet a university had been approved for Abacha’s wife. In this same country where they said Abacha was corrupt. So, why you treating one former first family differently and then everybody are wants to humiliate Jonathan’s family in the best of their ability.”

“The former First Lady, Patience, has no question to answer.. The EFCC is destroying Buhari’s anti-graft policy because when your anti-graft is beginning to show it is one-sided, it will lose credibility”, he said.

The IYC boss further asked the EFCC to to return about N23bn, $100million and other assets it seized from the former Governor of the state, late Diepreye Alamieyeseigha.

He wondered what the EFCC was still doing with the money when Bayelsa and other states were facing financial difficulties.

“Bayelsa State funds are in their hands, they have not returned it. Why are they keeping the funds? Are they meant to keep funds that they recovered. Why is the money not being paid into TSA of they believe they are proceeds of corruption. They should return our money. Those are the issues they should focus on”, he said.

He added: “I thought that the EFCC by now will begin to face squarely its job of ensuring that criminals are brought to book and not the media charade that is usually its modus operandi. They have not learnt from the Tompolo incident. Instead of focusing on facts and doing their jobs via due process, they quickly went to the media and that incident led this country to where we are today”.



  1. Imagine EFCC. The brain behind all this is Buhari, the illitrate leader that has nothing to offer. Even if you add IBB LOOT, OBJ LOOT, ABACHA LOOT, MUSA LOOT, JONATHAN LOOT, TINUBU LOOT, FASHOLA LOOT and give it to Buhari, he will never perform. Such a clueless tyrant, runing a despotic govt. He has so much divided Nigeria that we see our selves as common enemy. Nigeria of 1984 is not the one of today.

  2. This is the daftest write up ever published on this forum
    I have no doubt that many among these Ijaw group will see the huge absurdity in this sham presentation from their kins men, but are afraid of dissenting
    So what these bunch of palace clowns are telling us is that Patience has to deposit her money from “donation” in the bank with forged identity of her domestic staff
    As for Tompolo’s issue, these senseless Ijaw group could have stopped to ask themseives why Tompolo is in hiding even when his father is dead
    Why those cowards that bomb pipelines have to run into the bush without looking back after committing their cowardly act
    Their land is fully occupied by soldiers and other security agents, but the cowards cannot come out fight
    They threatened to declare their own republic many times but, cowered out at the last moment on each occasion
    Shame all of them, bloody noise makers

      • By asking where someone is from, you easy gave out yourself as one fucking narrow minded, unexposed and uncivilised tribal jingoist, the sort that kept Nigeria in this terrible mess
        It may interest you warped minded that where you came from does not make up you cognitive acuity, rather your knowledge and skills do
        Understand ?

  3. Your comment is very shallow and lacks sophistry. So because they ran away and didn’t engage in a direct confrontation they are afraid? You must be dumb. What happened in Iraq when the mighty IS force occupied? They ran away. But what happened after. Didn’t the US have to leave because of the frequent attacks and bombings? Occupying a place doesn’t mean anything. Also, it is well known that Turai Yaradua made almost $1 billion. Has anybody asked any questions? It is even on record that this current First Lady has made so much money from this Forex scam. Who is probing. What about maryam abacha? You cannot prosecute a one sided corruption war.

    • Your thought pattern and mindset clearly reveal how daft and crooked minded you are
      People like you are the very ones that think that political position is synonymous with wealth
      I can observe that you struggled to make a case for an obviously public fund looter without stopping for once to ask youself if she was right to lodge stolen money in the bank by forging the identity of her domestic staff
      It may interest you are your conspiracy theorist likes that the court will only utter that usual catchphrase; “Guilty or not guilty”
      The court is not interested on wether Turai or any other person committed the same offence
      Hence your tantrums and whinging does not change anything

  4. You see if you watched sunrise today on channels TV this morning you get all the facts,about this said money,only those blinded by sentiment talk without facts. Let me ask how long has GJ been In the corridors of power, from vice in bayelsa,to vice president,to to president after yara’ then elected president you mean he cannot save money which he can give to his wife to do business, guys come off this un- neccessary malicious talk, are no more allowances for the president and offices holders

  5. These youth, by whatever name they are known should should really be ashamed of themselves. It’s even more shameful if one remembers that they are supposed to be part of the Youth, it is said, the future belongs. For whatever these band of hooligans got or were promised, do they honestly think it is worth more the families they come from. If they do not have value for themselves, they respect the names of the families they come from.

  6. Between Dipo Williams and Sunny,You can easily decipher the vestige of antiquated Nigerian Paradigms and the renaissance of Change.
    It is most disheartening reading the former.

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