4 Reasons Why The Nigerian Passport No Longer Commands Respect

It is so sad that many desperate Nigerians are tarnishing the image of our beloved country in their various host countries, thereby putting the innocent ones at risk of being unnecessarily harassed and checkmated.


A concerned Nigerian has bared his mind on reasons why he feels the local passport is no longer respected in the outside world. Read his interesting piece:

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Many innocent Nigerians have had to put up with unforetold embarrassments and abuse at places, such as embassies, airport, immigration etc. In some countries you have to be given an extra check once you are a Nigerian, then if you are unlucky you did be detained almost unlawfully without tangible reasons.

There was this case no so long ago where a Nigerian who had to visit his friend in Switzerland, he boarded a train from spain (his longtime resident).to cut the story shot he ended up being deported straight to Nigeria without fair hearing even when he had hispapers complete .such is the story of many.

Without wasting any further ink, here are some reasons why the Nigerian passport no longer command respect:

1. Terrorism: Just yesterday a US organization ranked Boko Haram the deadliest terrorist group in the world. Now tell me what image this will create for the country’s passport, let not escape our mind that in 2011 when Abdul Umar Farouk tried to bomb a US bound plane but failed, an embargo was placed on the Nigerian passport ,which subjected innocent Nigerians to all sort of embarrassment, mind you that embargo still exists in some countries.

2. Scam: It is no big news when scam related crimes involve Nigerians this days, they are simply good at it, but the innocent ones suffer for it, I never knew how bad it was to be a Nigerian until I got engaged in business that entails selling services to the foreign market, the truth is only few foreigners are ready to do business with you, once they notice you are Nigerian. I ended up losing promising clients. To show you how bad it is,Malaysia termed any scam in their country “Nigerian scam”,whereas not all Nigerians in Malaysia are scammers, there are innocent business men, students residing in Malaysia.

3. Human Trafficking : from call girls in Dubai to street prostitutes in in Spain, Italy etc. Though some of this girls are victims of sex trafficking, many of them knowingly ply this trade even with the backing of their parents thereby creating bad impression for innocent Nigerian citizens.you should see the way innocent Nigerians are treated in some part of Europe, to them Nigerians are nothing but s*x tools, nothing more.

4. Drug trafficking: gone are the days when Columbia was the capital of drug trade, now it’s Nigeria. Every year Nigerians are being executed in Thailand, indonesia,india and the UAE, pastors, Imams, mothers as old as 68 engage in drug trafficking even if their destination countries have capital punishment for drug trafficking. Innocent Nigerians pilgrims suffer the most,from being subjected to inhumane security checks.

But never the less Nigerians are generally hardworking and I will surely make up a list of great things Nigerians are known for.



  1. This reminds me of the horrible experiences i faced travelling for work in Europe. My Engineering job involved travelling to those places and i’ve been in 16 european countries. I was stopped each of the many times and put on the side while i watch Indians, Chinese, other Africans etc. pass by me. Everyone always looking at me like I’m a criminal or something. So sad.

    Now i dont even get any stop at those places travelling with American passport.

    We need our orientations changed before Nigeria can be a better place. The change must start from individuals as individuals end up been government bodies.


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