Advocates of national assets’ sale are enemies – TUC

It was gathered that the Trade Union Congress has described those calling for the sale of national assets as enemies of Nigeria.


The President of the TUC, Mr. Bala Kaigama, and the Acting Secretary General of the congress, Mr. Simeso Amachree, said in a statement on Thursday that the suggestion for the sale of the national assets was also disgraceful.

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They urged the governments to drop the planned move to sell the national assets in order to avoid incurring the wrath of workers.

The unionists reminded those calling for the sale of the national assets that the country had lost over four million jobs since the beginning of this administration which promised to create three million jobs every year.

“The Trade Union Congress of Nigeria warns those calling for the sale of national shareholdings in Nigeria Liquified Natural Gas Company Ltd and concession of the country’s airports to drop the idea if they do not want to incur the wrath of workers. Those suggestions are disgraceful and portray them as enemies of the state.

“In case those canvassing for the sale have forgotten, it is imperative that they realise that this administration promised to create a minimum of three million jobs yearly. Unfortunately, instead of generating more jobs, no less than four million jobs have been lost in the last one and half years, a development that has led to serious security issues,” the statement read in part.



  1. Dangote and Saraki are waiting like vultures to pounce with the money they hid in Panama Central America to avoid paying taxes and to store their loots as exposed by the leaks earlier this year,so as to acquire the assets at rock bottom prices.

  2. 1. Whether they privatise or leave it as ‘national asset’, it still does not stop them from stealing the revenue (refineries revenue have been shared for years). Let us see whether they will still CONTINUE to steal the revenues if and when it is privatised.

    2. Nigeria political and economic commentators need to learn to use the right words to express their economic ideas; why are they calling PRIVATISATION ‘selling national assets”? That is very inciting and provoking unnecessary negative reaction.

    3. Today’s world, the one major economic reason for PRIVATISATION is management and global competitiveness. I think Nigeria needs to learn from developed countries.

    4. Trade Union will NEVER agree to privatisation; ask Thatcher.

    5. Can someone tell me why National flag-bearer airline NIGERIA AIRWAYS died in 2002 December?

    • Let us read up about neo-liberal and the idea of free-market capitalism. I am not an economist but it helps to understand when politicians and economic thinkers are deciding our fate as citizens.

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