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Expert advises parents to expose girl child to s*x education

Dr. Rotimi Amos of the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital has advised parents to make it a duty to educate their girl child about sex early.


Amos gave the advice while speaking with newsmen in Ilorin on Thursday.

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He said exposing the girl child to early sex education would adequately prepare and equip the girl to deal with sex challenges when she grew up.

Rotimi said most parents felt shy to discuss sex education with their grown up daughter, not to talk of the girl child.

The expert urged parents, especially mothers, to always engage their girls in sex discussion so that they would not learn it from peer groups with negative consequences.

Amos said: “There is no crime in mother teaching her daughter or discussing sex with her daughter. Making her to understand the implication of indulging in early sex is very important.

“Mother’s have a big role to play in this aspect; they should not wait for their daughters to learn from peers or schools where they can be misled.

Amos advised mothers to ensure that proper sex discussion was established with their daughters early in order to prevent them from becoming victims and to prevent sexual abuse.

According to him, earlier sex orientation for a girl is necessary as the social media has widened and exposed children of the current generation.

2 Comments on Expert advises parents to expose girl child to s*x education

  1. Very interesting


  2. They must be joking


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