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FG delaying minimum wage talks – NLC

The Nigeria Labour Congress on Thursday dismissed as misleading, speculations that talks between it and the Federal Government on new national minimum wage had collapsed.


President of the NLC, Comrade Ayuba Wabba, said that the talks had not even started.

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He said that the government is foot dragging on the issue.

Wabba said that the tripartite structure that should consider the modalities for the implementation had not been inaugurated.

According to the NLC President, “The government is still dragging its feet on talks about the minimum wage; the tripartite structure has not been put in place.”

He said that the speculation that talk on minimum wage had collapsed was misleading, adding that the talk had not even started.

He said, “The point we are making is that we have only agreed on the structure, but the structure has not been formed.

“We have agreed on the membership and the structure of the negotiating team which is going to be tripartite, so this is the point that we are now.

“But at the last meeting of the tripartite team which was held a day after the Sallah break, it was agreed that at the next meeting, all these issues will be sorted out.

“What happened was that government could not form a quorum at the last meeting of the palliative.

“Legitimately, we have a demand that is still pending with them including that of minimum wage and the palliative; therefore at the next meeting, I am certain that we will give government notice.”

Asked if the government was reluctant in setting up a team for the implementation of the minimum wage, Wabba said he would not speak for the government.

“Well, I can`t speak on the side of the government, but we are committed in making our demand, it is left for them to tell Nigerians whether they are committed to it or not,” he said.

The NLC president said the union would pursue the issue of the minimum wage to its logical conclusion.

The composition of the tripartite committee was announced on May 26, by the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Babachir Lawal.

The Wabba faction of the NLC had put forward a demand of “N56, 000 as a realistic minimum wage,” while that of Joe Ajaero is asking for N90, 000 as minimum wage.

The government on its part has proposed N45, 000 as the new minimum wage.

The joint committee is meant to iron out the differences in the various submissions.

5 Comments on FG delaying minimum wage talks – NLC

  1. Why are they delaying it naaooooooo


  2. FG please do something ooooooooo


  3. Everything don cost so increase the minimum wages


  4. I suggest that the NLC team should put more pressure on this government else, their feet dragging may take the next 2 years. Thank for your earlier moves.


  5. Govt budget is in trions but pay little to the few workers they have inherited not to talk of employing new pple.NLC, pls continue to presurize them.


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