Lady found motionless after she was reportedly dropped by SUV in Lagos [PHOTOS]

A young lady was found motionless at Allen behind Alade Market yesterday in Lagos after she was said to have been dropped by a Jeep.




A Facebook user, identified as Hon. Gabriel who shared the story, said he had to call 767 and waited 2 hours for the Lagos state Emergency Service to come to her aid.

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According to an eyewitness, she was found bleeding from her mouth and legs after she was dropped by the Jeep.need-help1

The eyewitness said she pointed at something and tried to talk but could not.

According to him, he had called the Lagos State Emergency Unit and had waited for two hours but nobody showed up.



  1. I am not in any way surprise. Most of our ladies are very immoral and ungodly. They like quick money. I am sure she does not know this man before, neither does the parents. A man calls you and before you know it you are already seated in the car. It all boils down to loss of family values

  2. Nobody even have n idea of what has happened before blaming the girl. the girt might just be unlucky and not at fault. Nigerians, bunch of hypocrites some people condemning her have prostitutes in their family and will cover them up. Pls pity the poor girl not everyone in this situation is bad a beg

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