Meet the Lady Known as ‘The Snake Woman of Africa’…The Way She Twists Her Body Will Amaze You (Video)

A young contortionist being hailed as the snake woman of Africa, has perpetually left people shocked with her art.


Her name is Nokulunga Buthelezi and she is widely regarded as the “Snake woman of Africa”.

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Nokulunga is a contortionist from Johannesburg, South Africa, and her ability to twist her body to unbelievable limits has always left people both horrified and thrilled.

How Africa reports that Nokulunga Buthelezi, who also known as ‘Lunga’ who has a very unique talent of being a contortionist. She’s not trained to become one but it’s purely natural and believed that she acquired this unusual talent from the “snake genes” passed on to her by her great-grandmother.

The young woman loves to bend and twist her body without any sense of fear from her face.

Even when she was little, she reportedly loved contorting herself in her cot.

She’s now dubbed as the ‘Snake Woman’ because of her flexible body like what a snake has.

“I never met my great-grandmother, but apparently she was as flexible as I am,” says Lunga. “I was glad when I learnt that, because I used to think: ‘Why am I like this? Why am I the only one who can do it?”



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