Power generation reduces to 2,824MW over gas constraint

According to reports, the Nigeria Electricity Supply Industry (NESI) Friday said that gas supply to power generation companies (GenCos) that resulted in a shortage of 2,941 Mega Watts (MW) on Monday reduced to 2,824MW on Wednesday.


Following the militants’ attacks on the gas pipelines in the Niger Delta, lack of gas caused a shortage of about 4,000MW in the last few months and 3,000 MW a fortnight ago.

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But in its report on power performance, NESI noted that on the day under review, the sector recorded 472.6MW line management constraint, 40MW high frequency constraint and 0MW water management constraint, which all resulted in estimated loss of an equivalent of N1.6b.

According to NESI: “On September 21 2016, average power sent out was 3447MWh/hour (down by 286MWh/h) the reported gas constraint was 2824MW.The reported line constraint was 472.6MW and the reported high frequency constraint is 40 MW according to TCN. The water management constraint was 0MW.The power sector lost an estimated N1, 602, 000, 000 on September 21 2016 due to constraints.”

In its Operational Performance report of September 23, the Nigeria Electricity System Operator (SO) noted that at 06:00 of the day under review was 3,992.30MW.

It added that peak generation for the previous day was 4,178MW, lowest generation 3,348MW and energy sent out to the distribution companies (Discos) was 3,596.6MW.



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