Terrified Woman Finds Deadly Brown Snake Inside Her Favourite Boots (Photos)

See the deadly brown snake a woman found curled up in her favourite boots which left her terrified.

snake-boot snake-boot-1 snake-boot-2

You might be forced to think twice about wearing your shoes these days. A woman has been left terrified after discovering a deadly brown snake curled up inside her favourite boots.

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It was reported that in a picture posted by Snake Catchers Adelaide, the slithering reptile can be seen getting cosy at the bottom of a woman’s UGG in the coastal suburb of Moana.

‘We got a call from a lady in Moana on Thursday after she saw a tail of something slithering into her boot,’ snake catcher Ange Broadstock told News men.

‘It was a cold day, so I reckon the he was just looking for somewhere warm to curl up.’

‘If we get a warm day here and there, the snakes come out for a bit of sun,’ she said

‘ I think this guy just got caught out.’

Ms Broadstock said recovering the snake was relatively easy, pouring the snake from the UGG boot into the waiting snake bag.

She says the snake will stay in her care until the weather warms up.



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