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Greed, poor resources management caused Nigeria’s recession – Cleric

A cleric of the Catholic Church, Rev Father John Okonyeke, has attributed the economic recession in the country to greed and poor management of the country’s resources.


He said leaders in all spheres of life must brace up to address the situation and put Nigeria on the path of prosperity again.

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Okonyeke, who made this assertion while delivering a homily on Sunday at the Saint Joseph Procathedral, Asaba, during a thanksgiving service organized by the Delta State Government to mark Nigeria’s 56th anniversary and the 25th anniversary of the creation of the state, warned that God will punish the insensitivity of Nigerian leaders at all levels unless they repented.

He advised the country’s leaders to stop playing to the gallery by “rubbing shoulders” with leaders of other countries who are patriotic and committed to the welfare of their people whereas they (Nigerian leaders) wallowed in excessive greed and selfish management of resources of the country.

Nigerians must invest in their country in order to make Nigeria economically prosperous, he stressed, saying leaders of other more developed countries would continue to mock our leaders when they see that they appropriate to themselves the people’s commonwealth and take billions to economies outside the shores of Nigeria.

With reference to Jesus parable of poor “Lazarus and the Rich Man” as recorded in the gospel of Saint Luke, Father Okonyeke said that the welfare of the poor and needy should always receive priority attention of leaders.

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