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Mrs Jonathan to drag EFCC before West African Court

Former first lady, Mrs Patience Ibifaka Jonathan has concluded plans to drag the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to the African Commission of Human and Peoples Right in Gambia.


Sources close to the legal team said they took the decision to seek legal redress in a court free from manipulation.

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Already a new group, The Rebranded Indigenous People of Biafra (TRIPOB) has thrown its weight behind the decision to drag the EFCC before the African Commission of Human and Peopless Right over its case Mrs Jonathan.

The group, in statement by its spokesman,  Chima “Phillip Effiong” Osuji,  condemned what it called the “the undue harassment and campaign of calumny masterminded by the EFCC against Patience Jonathan.”

The group insisted Mrs Jonathan “cannot get fair trial in a Nigerian court commended and Mr Timipa Jenkins Okonipere for his decision to drag the EFCC before the West African Court.

“TRIPOB believes that under the current political dispensation in Nigeria, Mrs. Jonathan cannot obtain fair and impartial judgment. Furthermore, by virtue of the enviable political height which the Goodluck Jonathan family has attained, it would be most advisable if Mrs. Jonathan tgoes outside for relief…”

because, we strongly believe that, there is a premeditated plot to humiliate and disgrace the former First Lady.

We therefore commend international lawyer and human rights activist, Mr. Timipa Jenkins Okponipere for the wise decision to drag the EFCC before the African Commission of Human and Peoples Rights based in Banjul, The Gambia, if the EFCC failed to stop the harassment of Mrs. Jonathan within 14 days. It is a welcome decision.

Accordingly, TRIPOB advises the Goodluck Jonathan Family to remain calm and put their trust in God Almighty; as they shall surely be vindicated.”

9 Comments on Mrs Jonathan to drag EFCC before West African Court

  1. This woman is definatelty out of her mind


  2. Wenti she dey charge them for self


  3. She wan yeye herself the more


  4. Hmmm… yeye dey smell


  5. I never new that Patience’s level of absurdity is so elaborate
    By her daft responses to the huge criminal allegation against her so far,she just keeps on getting deeper and deeper into the hole she dug for herself
    It remains to be seen how she would get out of this terrible mess she got herself into, due to her excessive greed and avarice
    As for the Biafran group supporting her in this glaring case of massive public fund looting, they can only cause much damage to the noble Biafran cause by their senseless action


  6. Mrs Jona de vex ooooo


  7. No gri for them ooooo!!!!drag them to world court too!!!if Africa own no work out


  8. Even if Patience is daft, is her legal team also daft? is it not said that he that goes to equity should go with clean hands? What manner of Right is a thief, a certified one at that, going to claim for stealing peoples’ money. If she is so stupid not to see from the antics of those her “charge ‘n bail” lawyers, senior or junior, that they just want to get whatever they can get from her loot by urging her on even when the odds are very glaringly against her, she should seek advice from a relation close to her, who I know will tell her the truth and what she should be doing at this time to see how she can pull herself out of the very deep pit she has put herself into!


  9. All the Lawyers want is a share of her loot. After all she will bear all cost associated with the law suit. Just a free holiday in The Gambia for them. Patience shine your eye oooo!


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