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President Buhari welcomes $5bn investment from India

President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday welcomed the proposed five billion dollars investment in Nigeria by visiting Indian business delegation, led by Indian Vice-President Hamid Ansari.


According to a statement issued by Buhari’s Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, Malam Garba Shehu, the President made the remark when he received Ansari at the State House, Abuja.

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Shehu quoted Buhari as saying “India has already invested 10 billion dollars in the Nigerian economy. “Nigeria will continue to deepen its relationship with India in the areas of health, education, agriculture, technology and trade.”

The President also said Nigeria had over the years benefited from the cooperation of the Asian country in trade and investment, agriculture, technology and the fight against terrorism.

According to him, Nigeria will emulate India’s agricultural model and capacity to feed its one billion population, and also export to other countries, describing the country as “sustainable and prosperous’’.

President Buhari noted that Nigeria would continue to support the reform of the UN Security Council, pointing out that it was unfair on the rest of the world for five countries to exercise power of ‘‘yes or no’’ in the UN.

In his remarks, the Indian Vice-President said that his country, which was the leading buyer of Nigeria’s crude oil, would increase its purchase of the commodity in addition to natural gas. He said the relationship between Nigeria and India was near perfect as both countries ‘‘have nothing to quarrel about.”

6 Comments on President Buhari welcomes $5bn investment from India

  1. We welcome investments but we have to be careful about people coming in to take advantage of us. Central And South East Asian countries are exploitative, racists and corrupt. Caveat Emptor – let the buyer beware


    • Henry .. Places like India are not taking advantage of us .. We are a sorry case .. We have not helped ourselves .. We have the most expensive Decmocracy in the World, we have no notable industrial base .. So what advantage are they taking ..

      What have we done for ourselves .. Pls tell me ..

      Life we can follow the outlook of a nation like India .. We can feed ourselves and run a Railway industry that will take poor Nigerians far and wide …


  2. These guys have sworn to die on propaganda. What is the content and context of the mere statement by the visiting Indian VP? Why are they passing this as an Indian commitment to gamble with their $5bln naira with a directionless Buhari government?


  3. Buhari have to be very careful with this


  4. India has got massive problems in their own country, we should be wary of this sum they have chosen to invest in Nigeria. There was a man who couldn’t afford to hire an ambulance to bury his dead wife in that country, he ended up wrapping her in white cloth, carried her on his shoulder walking the streets to perform the burial rights. I haven’t seen that happen in Nigeria, therefore we should be the one giving them aide.
    As henry rightly said, they are bunch of racists; who have not only treated Nigerians badly and even asked us to exit their country, they have also extended their racist tendencies to our own soil. Indian companies in Nigeria treat their employees like slaves and you find a lot of our people placing them on the same level as Westerners. THEY ARE FAAAAARRR FROM THEM.
    We need to be very careful with these people, a word for the WISE!


  5. I wonder what this an is thinking of self


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