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Taxi Driver Who Had No Money for Food, Fuel, Returns Passenger’s Bag of Money (Photo)

A very broke taxi driver has gained national praise online and on social media after he returned a bag containing huge amount of money, valuables and others documents left in his car by a passenger.


In yet another act of patriotism and kindness by a Nigerian, an Ibadan-based taxi driver identified as Damilare Adesiyan, have done the unthinkable by returning a bag filled with money at a time when his pockets ran dry.

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According to a Facebook user, Johnson Abbaly, who shared the story on social media, not only did Adesiyan make sure the passenger get back his N170,000, the driver also returned valuables including a bag, a laptop and mobile phones, forgotten in his taxi to Mokola police station.

Below is how the story was reported on Facebook;

Speaking in an exclusive chat with News men, Adesiyan revealed that on the day of the incident, he had been unable to give his wife money for food and was also forced to fuel his taxi on credit.

“I am a taxi driver and a passenger boarded my cab at Mokola roundabout, he was going to Iwo road and dropped his bag in the booth of the car. He forgot the bag when he was alighting; I tried to look for him but I could not find him.

“I parked in a corner and searched the bag because I was scared that the bag could contain incriminating things. I found a laptop, money and phones in the bag. Then I took the bag to the nearest police station which happened to be Mokola police station.

“On getting there, I did not tell the police that I had searched the bag before coming. Then we contacted the owner of the bag and he came to the police station to pick the bag.

“Before I left the house that day, I had no money with me and I had to collect fuel on credit at the fuel station to work.

“I could not even give my wife money to eat for that day and we have two children. Although I can’t really afford it, my children are in school; the first is in Primary two and the second is in Nursery two.”

The Ibadan-based taxi driver said he hid the incident from friends and that the owner of the bag compensated him with N5,000.

“I returned it because I knew that the bag was not mine and keeping it might cause trouble for me. On returning the bag, the owner of the bag gave me 5,000 naira.

“I didn’t tell anyone that I found money apart from my wife but I have been receiving calls because the owner of the bag told me that he posted it on Facebook.

“I only told one of the road transport union workers and he told me that I should have told him that I shouldn’t have returned the bag and I told him that I had no use for it that it might have caused more trouble for me.”

7 Comments on Taxi Driver Who Had No Money for Food, Fuel, Returns Passenger’s Bag of Money (Photo)

  1. It takes the grace of God for him to do that


  2. God bless him for that!!!i hope he is been compensated cha


  3. Patriotic Nigerian


  4. Honesty pays


  5. Like seriousy?


  6. God for bid, i can never return the kind of money


  7. Adelove is lying joor.


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