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8 Comments on There’s plot to freeze Jonathan’s account – IYC

  1. Make them freeze am jare


  2. Good for him


  3. He deserved it


  4. Na he money dey the account rubbish


  5. Stop wasting time freezing his account


  6. Well, IBB, OBJ, ENERST, GOWON, AND THAT OF THEIR WIVES should on be on no debit. No gallon of oil should get out of Niger delta, till this Olodo buhari is out. Watching. Anyway, Jonathan has every chance to divide this country but he refused. Good boy of the north. Where are those ur northen friends, we advise u to be careful of them.


  7. Bukola Ajisola // September 28, 2016 at 9:36 am // Reply

    If this will stop the NDA and allow the country to move forward so let it be.
    Gej has the legal carte blanche to challenge this like the wife is doing presently,that should enrich our jurisprudential repertoire.
    If we must make progress as a national no individual should be treated like a sacred cow.


  8. “After the election, we congratulated him and advised him to be father of all…,”
    As a result, the law should be waived?


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