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“I Had S*X With A Herbalist Doctor After My Husband Failed To Get Me Pregnant” – Woman Makes Shocking Confession

A woman has made a really startling confession about how her desperation for a child led her to do horrible things.



A Kenyan woman who was seduced into wanting a baby by her husband did the unthinkable when she failed to get pregnant while on their honeymoon.

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According to a confession she sent into a Kenyan local daily, things got messy during the honeymoon as they had unprotected s*x.

“We just decided to have a baby there and then. Two weeks later, we jetted back to Nairobi but I noticed something different. My periods had not stopped. I became worried and hid my emotions from my husband,” said the woman.

Her lack of morning sickness symptoms sent her to a doctor who confirmed that she was not pregnant. She then shifted all the blame about her childlessness to her husband but opted to keep her mouth shut about it.

“I knew it would lead to divorce so I decided to formulate a plan. I decided to to something completely forbidden in my village. I decided to go to a witch doctor,” narrated the woman.

Her desperation for a baby did not let her think about how superstitious she believed witchcraft to be. So she lied to her husband that she was travelling home to see her mother only to divert and go to a wizard.

“I went straight to the witch’s house. I had been told that he’d been able to help another woman conceive before. His house was located in a bushy area and that is where all the magic happened,” added the woman.

She later gave birth to a healthy baby by who is three-years-old today.

“I have never told my husband who the father of the child is. Do you think I should let him know the truth?” concluded the woman.

9 Comments on “I Had S*X With A Herbalist Doctor After My Husband Failed To Get Me Pregnant” – Woman Makes Shocking Confession

  1. Good for you…. nice decision


  2. Na to born witch be that


  3. super-story


  4. Hm…
    Women are bundles of dread secrets! Walahi.


  5. Sounds like a fable. Is getting pregnant automatic? That is a very vain mentality. Just 2 weeks of unprotected sex, your head is not well screwed on your head ooo. I think your husband does not deserve an mentally retarded like you. Tell him and get divorced.


  6. Like seriously


  7. Evil that women do. The Kingdom f God is more important than any human desire. CONFESS Now!


  8. This lady is insane, why are you so in hurry, your marriage is not too long.


  9. Apart from the marriage not been too long, if you were going to try else where, why a witch doctor and not just any random guy …..


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