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I won’t talk about Chibok girls again, says Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari has said he was not ready to talk about the release of Chibok schoolgirls again, until the genuine leaders of Boko Haram come forward to prove the girls are in their custody.


The president, who stated this in an interview with the Hausa Service of the Voice of America during his recent visit to the United States of America, said, government will not negotiate to have the girls in piecemeal.

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“You should not forget that Boko Haram has killed at least 20,000 Nigerians. Chibok girls are about 230 or 220. There are some people who are calling on the government to negotiate with the captors of these girls.

“I have addressed this issue three times, and I have no intention of doing anything again until they come out to identify themselves as leaders of Boko Haram, and that they are the ones holding these girls,” he said.

Buhari maintained that for the government to consider dialogue with the terrorist group on the realise of the girls, the group should also “give location of the girls and the condition of their health, which can also be verified. This is when negotiation can take place.

“It is not feasible where one person will come out today to say he can free three of them and tomorrow another person comes forward to say he will bring out five. It is 220 that we want to see. What is their condition? We can then agree to discuss and have the girls; reunite them with their families and have them back in school.”

On the militancy in the Niger Delta region, the president said it is the militants that have the choice of whether to accept peace; else, the government will deal with them.

The president also identified judicial due process as a hindrance delaying the success of his administration’s anti-corruption agenda, saying, however, that a lot has been achieved in the area of recovery of stolen funds.

“The present circumstances completely differ with that of 1984. At that time, we rounded up all those suspected of plundering government’s money and took them to Kirikiri (prison), but now we have to carry out investigation and gather evidence to adduce before the court. This is what is delaying us.

“However, we have recovered a lot of money both in Naira and foreign currencies as well as buildings built with funds diverted from financing government projects,” he said.

The president, however, said his administration’s agenda of diversification by improving agriculture, has already started paying off.

He also urged Nigerians to ask questions on how monies earned from sales of crude oil from 1999 to 2015, were spent by successive governments, arguing that there was nothing to show for

12 Comments on I won’t talk about Chibok girls again, says Buhari

  1. Shoro niyen


  2. What’s that what you promised before campaign


  3. Feyisina Aina // September 29, 2016 at 2:12 pm // Reply

    Truth talk, we can’t just be negotiating with Boko haram without a clear verification on how the chibok girls are. The leader of the Boko haram should show himself


  4. mr president, But promise to bring them out during the campaign period,


  5. that is nigeria for us all, this shit can happen in america


  6. So na now you no go talk about it abi


  7. You are a betrayal


  8. Resign now


  9. Okonjo Iweala, a woman that had seen it all could come out to say at an American conference that the SEED OF THIS RECESSION WAS PLANTED DURING THE JONATHAN REGIME DUE TO OUR LACK OF FINANCIAL DISCIPLINE, INABILITY AND LACK OF POLITICAL WILL TO SAVE. People should not blame jonathan alone for this because the profligate Nigerian Governors too are culpable. He attempted to save, but the governors demanded to take all the savings citing constitutional right. Money they took and Stole at the same time. Our case is pathetic.
    Do you know that:
    😀Obasanjo’s administration earned # 17trn from crude oil sales within eight years and left behind 45bn dollars external reserves and 3.348bn dollars external debt.
    😀Yaradua grew the reserves to 64bn dollars within just one year and the administration was able to finance 15 months of imports despite the 2008/2009 world economic meltdown. Hence, Nigeria survived the melt down because of the political will by the administration to save(a great achievement by Yaradua which most Nigerians are not aware of). Despite the tough economic reality at that time, Yaradua left 47.7bn dollars in reserves and an external debt of 3.94bn dollars. Meanwhile, the administration earned only # 9trn from crude oil sales within that short period.
    😀Now, Jonathan administration witnessed an oil boom when Brent crude sold for over 100 dollars/barrel, with the regime earning # 51trn within a period of 5years. But because of corruption, the administration did not only squander the oil revenue but even depleted the reserves left by Yaradua, leaving just 32bn dollars and a huge external debt of 63bn dollars for Buhari. The same Brent crude sold for as low as 35 dollars/barrel at a point shortly after Buhari took over power and had only managed to climb to about 48 dollars just recently.
    😀These are facts that can be verified. So, it’s amazing hearing people criticize Buhari for the hunger in the land.
    😀According to Fashola, Buhari’s administration inherited 206 uncompleted road projects and contract arrears worth #2.1trn from Jonathan; and for about 2 to 3 years the contractors where not paid. This slowed down the economic activities, with most of the companies laying off their staff. This was when the seed of recession was sowed.
    It’s obvious that Buhari came in to rescue Nigeria, because if Jonathan had continued in power, the nation’s economic crisis would have been worse, perhaps even the Federal government wouldn’t have been able to pay salaries of civil servants by now.
    😀According to Okonjo Iweala, Nigeria started borrowing money to pay salaries since October, 2014; but today Nigeria now borrow money for investment in capital projects.
    😀Those who blame Buhari for the current hardship do so either out of mischief (hatred) or ignorance. So, we shouldn’t join the bandwagon in criticising him. He may not have done much to save the situation, considering that he is not a perfect human being but he means well for the country and can only succeed with our prayers.
    😀May Almighty God continue to guide Baba Buhari.
    😀Why not share this piece with others for the sake of enlightenment and conscious prayers for our nation. We av the responsibility to enlighten others. Mischievous n the ignorant people/politicians should not drag us backward.
    Shared as received. To


    • @ Kenny: Please don’t misquote me as trying to counter your points, I am just trying to air my opinion why people are really critizing APC. The criticism Buhari and APC are facing today from the masses is self inflicting. All these fact you brought to this forum are 100% correct and every enlightened Nigeria knew all of these including the APC government yet promised Nigerian citizen heaven on earth in their first year in office, to the point of promising Nigeria that 1 Dollar will exchange for 1 Naira, the unemployed and less privilege will be paid 5,000 stipend every month, free meal for public students and many more while actually they knew with these facts you started above their promises will not be possible not even in the next 8 year with the present state of the economy. If APC had told Nigerians prior to the election that they are coming to clean up the mess PDP created which was very important at the time they came on board and with time and patience the nation will began to reap the dividend, then they would have succeeded in preparing the minds of Nigerian with what is happening now. Instead they promised Nigerians things they knew they can’t achieve even in the next 8 years, now majority of Nigirians feel deceived and that is the reason for all the attacks. Even you that never had intention to contest any elective position you are knowledgable enough about these fact yet that came to power are telling Nigerians that they never knew the economy was so bad. By the help of God we shall come out of this mess.


  10. Kenny na wa for you o!


  11. Case closed!!!!


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