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See the Shocking Moment a Mother Left Her Baby in a Car With the Engine Running to Buy Cigarettes (Video)

A woman has been caught on camera putting the life of her baby in serious danger in a public place.



A thoughtless mum left her baby in the car with the engine running for roughly three minutes while she bought cigarettes and scratch cards.

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Shocking footage shows the tot strapped into a child seat in the back of the car, which also has its passenger window down and a handbag on the front seat.

Bryan Amaral filmed the scene at a petrol station in New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA.

He can be heard saying: “So I could basically kidnap her baby right now and she’d have no clue. Wow, so responsible today.”

He films the car for around three minutes before the woman emerges from the petrol station.

He says to her: “Probably not too bright to leave a baby in the car for three minutes with your car running. You’re a great mum. Real smart.”

The woman replies: “Are you allowed to video tape me? I’m pretty sure you have to ask me.”

Bryan then hits back, saying: “I don’t have to ask you s**t. Why don’t you wake the f**k up.”

He pans the camera as the woman drives away, saying: “Now she’s speeding out of the parking lot.”

Bryan’s Facebook video has since gone viral with 3.1million views.

His footage has also been shared with police who have taken action against the mum.

Breanna McGrath, 20, from Acushnet, Massachusetts, was charged with reckless endangerment of a child under the age of 18.

New Bedford Police also notified the Massachusetts Department of Child and Family Services, who will conduct a separate investigation.

Bryan has expressed regret that she could now face losing her child.

He said: “In no way did I want this to go as far as it did, let’s make that clear. I reacted to something that instantly angered me.

“I was hoping someone close to her would see it and talk some sense. In no way do I wanna gain anything.”

Bryan added: “This mother probably loves her child to death but the reality is she doesn’t see the severity of her actions. I pray she keeps her child but realises that it is unacceptable to do that.

“Yes I would have done things differently now I know where this has gone. I didn’t call the cops cause I didn’t realise it until about a minute after she pulled up.

“I had to get a video and plate. If this happens in public, what goes on at home? I would definitely do it different if I knew the level it would get to.

“In any case I’m paying a small price compared to the family and for that I’m sorry.”

Bryan’s dad posted the video: “Proud of you for putting the safety of this precious child before the fear of any repercussions that might come your way. Actually this baby’s family owes you a debt of gratitude. Love you son, you are an upstanding young man.”

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