Woman Kills Her Little Daughter So She Could Take Care Of Her Sick Son (Photos)

An Indian woman who killed her daughter by drowning her in a pool has been handed a severe punishment over the incident.


An Indian woman has been handed a stiff punishment for killing her six-month-old daughter so she could pay more attention to her sick son. She has now been jailed for life.

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According to reports, Ritu Ahuja, 27, was found guilty at the High Court in Jabalpur, India of murdering the young girl, called Arohi, and dumping her body near a temple. Her arrest came after a CCTV footage showed her taking the infant away from her house in a baby bag and driving away but returning without the bag.

It was revealed that she killed the baby by drowning her in a pool. Explaining to the police why she did it, Ahuja said her son is often ill, and she was unable to care for him properly because her daughter took up much of her time.

She told police: ‘I was already having trouble in bringing up a two-year-old child and now with this baby it became extremely difficult for me to manage.’

The court in India were also told how after her daughter’s death, Ahuja contacted a police to report her missing, saying she came back from taking a bath to find her gone. She then tried to claim the child was abducted by a gang on a motorcycle.

However, police later found Arohi’s skeletal remains and DNA tests revealed her identity. It was then that Ahuja was arrested and she confessed to her crime.

After her trial today, she was led away from the High Court with a blanket covering her head. She was then put into a van and was taken to prison to start her life sentence.



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