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Wife Storms Venue Of Husband’s Wedding To New Girlfriend – You Won’t Believe What Happened Next

There was confusion at the Harare Magistrates’ Courts yesterday after a wife stormed the wedding between her husband and his new lover. The wife identified as Magdalene Chamunorwa showed up at the court in the company of her relatives and thoroughly beat up the said girlfriend.


She revealed to the marriage officer, Mr Tendai Mahwe, that the groom, Gift Singano, was her husband and that they have four children together.

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She stormed into the wedding room moments before Singano exchanged vows with his new babe Francisca Kanyama. The drama was taken outside the court building where Magdalene exchanged blows with Francisca, who was still clad in her wedding gown.

The fight happened in full view of Singano who watched helplessly as his wife and lover got down to “business”. Onlookers, who were attending to their court businesses, cheered the fight and accused Kanyama of being a husband snatcher.

“He is my husband and we got married in 1992. I only discovered he wanted to marry his girlfriend when I saw a profile picture of her on his phone. We stay together in our matrimonial house in Crowborough here in Harare but he leaves me in the house and goes to co-habit with his girlfriend in Mufakose,” said the wife.

The man Singano confirmed that he has four children with Magdalene, but submitted that he divorced her five years ago. “We divorced in 2011 because she was too violent and I decided to end the marriage and left the house,” he said.

6 Comments on Wife Storms Venue Of Husband’s Wedding To New Girlfriend – You Won’t Believe What Happened Next

  1. This one na war ooo


  2. This is so funny


  3. Oh my God,this is madness


  4. Serves him right.


  5. Hm don divorce, eH! But my man, how did you divorce her? By moving away only? Kasara don bos for your head.


  6. The man is foolish and canal.


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