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Shameless Police Officer Caught Stealing from Passengers’ Luggage at The Airport (Photo+Video)

A greedy police officer who has been allegedly stealing from passengers’ luggage has finally been caught on camera.



A police officer has been filmed stealing things from a passenger’s suitcase at the airport. The shocking incident happened at the ANR Robinson International Airport on the Caribbean island of Tobago.

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According to reports, officer Brian Stephens was caught leading a sniffer dog around the airport luggage area as he opened and removed items from the bag. After that, he opens another looking for items.

Luck however ran out on him after he was filmed following an investigation launched after numerous European passengers reported items including cameras and clothing had gone missing when they arrived at London Gatwick.

The officer pleaded guilty to three counts of misbehaviour in public office in October 2008, but he was spared jail and instead issued with a $150,000 fine (£17,0000). He has been told that he will lose his job as a result of the case.

Stephens will be forced to pay $50,000 immediately and monthly installments of $5,000 until the sum is paid off. If he does not pay off the fine, he will then be sent to prison, the judge told him at the hearing in the Port of Spain High Court.

9 Comments on Shameless Police Officer Caught Stealing from Passengers’ Luggage at The Airport (Photo+Video)

  1. So stupid… that’s how they does


  2. The last time i traveled, that was how i could not find my jewelries


  3. Can you imagine this!!!


  4. This is not ordinary eyes oh


  5. Oguntoyinbo Olajide // October 1, 2016 at 7:55 am // Reply

    why everything cornering thief are Police generally police have issue,


  6. Tunde (T&T) // October 1, 2016 at 9:10 am // Reply

    Did he just steal underwear?


  7. All sections of the airport are supposed to have working CCTv cameras


  8. The other bag was nearly empty, I believe his colleague were there before him.


  9. Police everywhere are thieves, it is just a matter of time one is caught!!! MM International Airport used to be notorious for this!!!


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