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Recession: Nigeria has huge money, leaders are wasteful – Peter Obi

Former Governor of Anambra State, Peter Obi, on Saturday lamented the country’s economic crisis and laid the blame on public office holders.

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Speaking at The Platform organized by Covenant Christian Center, Obi charged Nigerians to stop celebrating criminality, adding that there is enough money for development in Nigeria.

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Obi, who spoke on the topic: Cutting cost in governance, said he saved over N75b for Anambra state.

Obi said he saved $50m and N7b in Access bank, $55m and N10b in Fidelity bank, and $155.4m in Diamond bank.

According to him, spending habit of most governors is what is causing poverty, adding that the states can still function on their income and still save money.

On calls to borrow money to boost the economy, Obi said “There is nothing wrong with borrowing. The crisis we are facing is that we do not know what we are using the money we are borrowing for.”

“Nigeria can make good use of the money if the leaders reduce spending.”

He asked Governors to spend less to running their offices and maintaining their aides.

Continuing, the financial expert said: “Do away with unconstitutional office of the First Lady.”

“Reduce Governor’s cars to 2, instead of 6 bullet-proof cars.

“Reduce government house jeeps instead of 25 jeeps.”

Peter Obi recalled that it used to cost him and his contingent N10m per trip to Abuja when he travels.

Obi said he later cut down the expenses, because he found out that over 30 people who had nothing to do in Abuja were going with him.

“When Ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo wanted to come to Anambra state, they were supposed to used N500m to construct a presidential lodge, but I asked the President to sleep in my house through-out his stay,” he said.

The presidency this week boasted that it has the best economic policy ever.

4 Comments on Recession: Nigeria has huge money, leaders are wasteful – Peter Obi

  1. When ever am thinking about this man called petter Obi, i give God glory for giving us that kind man, he has wisdom from God, by the grace of God one day he will be the president of this country by that time peoples will see transforms an know there is difren…..btween man with wisdom an vision and selfish wickedness of our so called presidents both paths an presnt one, Obi u will rich there by God grace


  2. I think what Obi said is true. I am not from Anambra but had an opportunity to work there as consultant with the wssrp which was in govt house in Awka. Each time I was there, I’ll see the Gov.


  3. Obi tell them. Only no money the continue blame others but do nothing to correct the situation. Some govnors keep 200 advises. How many are working only God knows. They want change but no plan for change.


  4. I am yet to see that governor that will be prudent with resources the way Peter Obi was. He refused to pay people for just being politicians. He would ask people that wanted to buy spaces in the dailies just to identify with him to use the money to make up for the computer sets he promised schools. Peter Obi will need books on him to be written and approved for all intending public office holders in Nigeria.
    For a man to openly ask that his whole household be wiped out if any money belonging to the state is traced to him is a height of transparency .


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