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Fix economy now or Nigerians will carry out revolution – Senator Sani warns Buhari

The senator representing Kaduna Central, Shehu Sani has warned President Muhammadu Buhari to fix the country or a revolution may break out as a result of the current economic hardship Nigerians are facing.

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Speaking in Abuja at the weekend, Sani advised that to avert such problem, those in position of authority should properly handle the situation.

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According to him, one of the ways the current administration can fight recession is to extend its anti-corruption war beyond the Jonathan administration, with the aim of recovering the nation’s stolen loots.

Sani said, “We are in recession, but the recession must be tackled headlong by the Federal Government and all stakeholders in the polity towards getting out of it very quickly or else, it may lead to revolution.

“The 2015 election supposed to have ushered us into a new hope of unity and progress. But there are a lot of mistakes that have been made in the last one year.

“One of the corrections is the need for us to look forward in terms of bringing our people to the Promised Land and not look backward on crises we faced in the past.”

Sani had in September warned the Buhari’s government  to put short-term measures in place to cushion the effect of the current economic situation on Nigerians, or risk the people dying before the President completes his reforms.

7 Comments on Fix economy now or Nigerians will carry out revolution – Senator Sani warns Buhari

  1. Yes or else


  2. Shut up Mr. Sanni. Give the President time at least 15 months to fix the economy. Though Buhari has made some bad economic policies like the ban on rice importation. Nigeria is not ready for such ban now. Buhari needs to reverse it now before it reaches 30k by December.


  3. Lola Amosun // October 3, 2016 at 2:29 pm // Reply

    My brother, Buhari is trying, is not easy


  4. mr. sani ur gov. elrufai ll not allow buhari to reason nigerians suffering bcos he elrufai is an unrepentant demon.


  5. Those in position of authority, please senator Sani what position are you holding? Sidon look abi? Revolution is going to start from the senate so that we can wipe out useless people like your honourable self from the position of authority.


  6. what is ur contribution Senator sani ? But president buhari you really need to improve your managment scheme pls. It’s getting too much for now. It’s when the poor masses die b4 you we improve ? There is no money then allow food to come to our country pls


  7. Senator Sani, u like playing to the gallery, what hv u done wt ur high position of Senator to bring Nigeria out of recession or wz it Buhari that put us in that situation? Taking Nigeria out of recession, is the collective responsibility of all of us by cutting our appetite for foreign goods especially food & each of us getting involved in agriculture one way or the other!


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