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8 Comments on Fresh $30million Found In Bank Accounts Linked To Patience Jonathan

  1. This woman don kill Nigeria finish ooooooooo


  2. Another money link to this woman again


  3. The most educated, prettiest, and the most crooked headed fraudulent first lady in the history of Naijiria.


  4. One week one trouble. this govt is a joke but the joke will soon be on them


  5. I hope EFCC hv slammed a “no debit ” order on the account. They should proceed & go get a court order to seize the money pending conclusion of investigation!


  6. You guys are funny no, facts on the matter yet, you are shouting crucify her .there is a lot of media hype going on,
    let us see where it will end


  7. Shameless Nigerians, supporting treasury looters. What facts do u need again. In the first scenario, where 20 million dollars was found in some coys account, did EFCC mention her name? Is she not d one that cried out openly that d said money belonged to her? Patience even have d gut to go and sue EFCC @ d court. What are we talking about. Some Nigerians don’t have moral values any longer. It’s very sad when u listen or hear some people supporting thieves in d media. She will pay dearly for this, the judgment of God is heavier and greater than that of a man. May God forgives us all.


  8. Mama God dey, Mrs Jonathan, you wanted publicity? or you missed one, Now that you have voluntarily decided opened your ass to the public by your own self you will get more of the requested publicity because all your atrocity will be uncovered to the world and if you think that the Government will not do anything this, You must be a Joker.


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