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Nigerian Lady Who Posed N*ked to Celebrate Independence Comes Under Fire (Photo)

A woman who posed n*ked to celebrate Nigeria’s 56th Independence has come under heavy criticism from Nigerians.






A Nigerian woman has courted controversy after she opted to celebrate independence in a most bizarre way. The woman who painted herself n*ked on Nigeria’s 56th Independence Day anniversary got bashed by Nigerians for taking such a daring step.

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Some Nigerians condemned her for promoting nudity and trying to corrupt little children. The post has raised a serious debate on social media.

6 Comments on Nigerian Lady Who Posed N*ked to Celebrate Independence Comes Under Fire (Photo)

  1. I love the body art! You rock bae


  2. Can’t all of us see dat dis yeye country is naked .With sufferness everywhere. I love is lady


  3. Nice work art


  4. Pls I need d artist contact


  5. Majority of people commenting does not understand the message the lady was passing.
    She is not celebrating but protesting… look closely at the art work. It’s a face of confused man not a happy men on her body that are in a confused circle at the beginning you will also see several stops. If you now look further the man face is becoming disillusioned and disappearing depicting status on Nigerian confused state at 56th.
    Finally the arrogance on the lady eye shows this is my protest and 100%nude shows am serious and I don’t care.
    She is not naked, got to beaches in America, U.K.,or Italy and see watch is called naked 75% of body is covered with paint and the public are are deeply painted. You need to clean your mind


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