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Nollywood Actor Ibrahim Chatta Weds For The Third Time (Photos)

Nollywood actor, Ibrahim Chatta, has gotten married for the third time. His wedding ceremony to actress Lizzy Berry took place Saturday October 1st. Ibrahim has been married twice before and divorced.

1-8 2-6



His first marriage was to Olayinka Solomon, which ended some years ago, then he married the daughter of the former governor of Kwara state, Shaaba Lafiaji, Salamatu, which packed up two years ago. May this one last.

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9 Comments on Nollywood Actor Ibrahim Chatta Weds For The Third Time (Photos)

  1. God bless their union


  2. Congratulation to them


  3. pasan ta fi na iyale oun be Lori aja…….


  4. Whatever made the first and second not work, what assurance do you have this will work?

    At this rate he should check if he’s not the problem with the failed marriages.


  5. Stupid man, sampling helpless ladies and dumping them, u will soon marry mammywater someday


  6. I think women should think and know their worth and pride so that they will not turn into bread. A o le maa paaro Aya bi enu to n paaro aso. May God in His mercies help them. Sugbon, Omo Sonu leyin aguntan o ni nnkan n be


  7. Congrat


  8. Not sure if this serial husband really knows what he wants
    It many interest him however to know that jumping from pillar to post like a confused itinerary does not make a responsible or reliable man
    Who knows what his next step would be
    Well, let’s keep our fingers crossed


  9. Oguntoyinbo Olajide // October 5, 2016 at 9:51 am // Reply

    Happy marriage life


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