Creativity! See the Wedding Cake that Got People Talking (Photo)

Another Nigerian baker has done it again with a rare work of creativity which has teased the brains of Nigerians.


This unnamed Nigerian baker has created the scene of a typical traditional wedding ceremony with his cake.

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The groom could be seen potraying the African culture of prostrating before the bride’s family to seek her hand in marriage.

This work of creativity and innovation has been heavily applauded by social media users.

Some interested people who will like to transact business with the craftsman believe the cake could be highly expensive.



  1. That is not our culture please. We prostrate to the groom’s family and not the grooom. Haba. Wrong pls. Our men are not slaves to their wives pls. We take care and love our wives, not in the slavery manner shown.

  2. Johnny,from which part of Nigeria are you? Do you know what is culture? You need to burry your head in same for saying this is not our culture,where do you see the brde prostrating to the groom. Any where in Nigeria the groom prostrate for the Bride’s family to ask for their daughter’s hand in marriage.

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