Ladies, Don't Be Shy! Here Are 30 Cute Names to Call Your Boyfriend

Many men love to be called cute names by their girlfriends, an act which further goes to strengthen their bond. These are some names you can call your man.


1. Big Guy

Big guy is one of those cute names to call your boyfriend that will definitely stroke his ego, whether it refers to height, weight or any other anatomical feature!

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2. Bad boy

Well, almost every man would like to think they have a tiny bit of the bad boy in them.

3. Batman or Superman

Batman, just like Superman, is the caped crusader, swinging through the night sky, to right the wrongs and put away the villains for good. He’s also got a dark side too, so that will defiantly appeal to many men.

4. Mr Cool

Next one of cool and cute names to call your boyfriend is Mr Cool. If your man is old enough to remember the TCV show ‘Happy days’, then he’ll love this one. The Fonz was The Mr Cool, complete with shades, leather jacket and a motorbike. He also had a heart of gold, so this man’s actually a softie underneath.

5. Popeye

This guy could be a sailor, he could be string or he could be a spinach-loving, pipe smoking man with a strange voice and a rather odd looking physique!

6. Tarzan

A man of few words and fewer clothes, but a gentleman none the less. But, are you the helpless Jane and is he the jungle dwelling caveman type?

7. Snuggle babe

This is a guy who loves to cuddle on the sofa. Big, strong and protective, he will wrap his arms around you and you won’t want to move away.

8. Soul mate

Another one of romantic and cute names to call your boyfriend is Soul mate. What could be better than a man who is your best friend, as well as your lover? Someone you can share all your secrets and thoughts with…

9. Pudding Pop

Pudding pop? A pudding that pops, maybe? Who knows; sweet names are not always supposed to make any sense!

10. Stud

This one needs no further explanation really. And, if you have one, lucky you!

11. Lover boy

A little more sophisticated than a stud, perhaps. This is another one of cute names to call your boyfriend and it means that he is definitely a man who hasn’t lost sight of romance; he is a man who still woos you with flowers, chocolates and romantic dinners for two.

12. Marshmallow

Squishy, soft, cuddly and sweet, would describe this guy. In other words, overweight, but you love him!

13. Kissy Face

Oh, you soppy, sentimental lady! If you are calling your man Kissy Face, then you really have got it bad!

14. Darling

This is one for the traditionalists out there. At least, though you could use this one in public, unlike Kissy Face!

15. Fruit Loops

Another one of funny and cute names to call your boyfriend is Fruit Loops. If you’ve ever watched Big Bang theory on TV, then you wouldn’t be using this one. It was the nickname of one Howard Wollowitz, a creepy, geeky guy with all the attractiveness of a slug!

16. Boy Wonder

The boy wonder was the alternative name of batman’s sidekick, Robin. Not exactly an endearing term for a grown man, but hey, some people seem to use it.

17. Gumdrop

Very sweet and quite sickly, but everyone loves a gum drop, don’t they?

18. Daddy

Cute, when you have kids, but a little bit weird when you hear couples still calling each other mummy and daddy, long after the kids have grown up and left home.

19. Boo Boo Baby

Boo Boo Baby is another one of those sweet and cute names to call your boyfriend that we discovered from our in-depth, scientific research that really defies any explanation.

20. Captain

The strong leader of the family, the captain who has his hand firmly on the helm of the ship and he will guide you safely through all the storms too.

21. Baby Cakes

We’re back to the cute and nonsensical with this one, aren’t we?! A baby cake? That would be a fairy cake, wouldn’t it?

22. Big Poppa

This is more like it! A name that conjures up images of a big man who cares for his family and a sweet cake with pink icing and silver decorations!

23. Hot chocolate

Another one of great and cute names to call your boyfriend is Hot chocolate. This guy is rich, smooth and delicious, or he is a guy that will quickly send you to sleep!

24. Honey Bear

This one we can live with: a big, strong, cuddly guy, who loves sweet things.

25. Pancakes

This one we can’t live without, but we can’t even begin to think how a pancake can be compared to a man.

26. My Angel

We are back in the realms of true love with this one. After all, an angel looks over us, protects us and is 100% good.

27. Hunky

Hunky is fine too. A hunky man is a ruggedly handsome man or you might just be trying to politely say that he could do with losing a few pounds.

28. Darebaby

Who dares wins! This guy probably sky dives, rock climbs, and goes to work on a Harley. He doesn’t care if it’s dangerous, so long as it’s fun.

29. Mr Perfect

Oh come on! Nobody’s that good.

30. Cowboy

Yeeha! This guy is the rugged outdoors type. He will whisk you away to a tent in the wilderness, for a romantic weekend away for two, just when you were expecting a five star spa weekend!

Do you have some other ideas of cute names to call your boyfriend? Why not add to the list and tell us in the comments what you call your man, and why.



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