MTN Nigeria Denies Mass Sack Of Call Centre Agents

MTN Nigeria has denied allegations of online media reports claiming that the company has sacked thousands of workers at its call centres.


Responding to the reports, MTN Executive, Amina Oyagbola, said “The reports are incorrect. The second phase of a change-in-vendor process took place last week, offering interested workers the opportunity to join the new call centres owned and operated by the vendor; ISON BPO.  “MTN signed an outsourcing contract with ISON BPO Limited in 2015 following a competitive bid process. Indeed MTN’s call centre operations were outsourced to independent third party agencies since 2008, as part of continued efforts to improve the efficiency and quality of customer service delivery in MTN. This is in line with global best practice for organisations in our industry”.

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ISON Group CEO, Pravin Kumar said: “We have been managing MTN’s call centres since last year when the first phase of the transition was carried out, with the second phase taking place at this time.

“We were pleased to have emerged as the new partner to deliver cost-effective solutions, adopting state-of-the-art technology that supports world-class customer service. The drive for efficient customer service delivery without compromising on quality within prevailing economic realities comes with structural adjustments and we work to balance this with the need to ensure the sustainability of our operations.

He said his company has continued to engage with those who are interested in taking up the opportunity to work with ISON under agreed terms. “At ISON, we remain committed to delivering outsourcing solutions to our clients that also provide thousands of job opportunities to members of the communities in which we operate”.



  1. These Indians have come again. Well, it is not their fault. When our own Naija businesses are no where to be found. We prefer to travel out to look for jobs while the Chinese, Indians, Lebanese, South African and others come in to Naija where there are lots of opportunities some of us don’t see and these people create jobs and prosper. Capital flight has become the other of the day. The so called highbshoulder MTN employees feel so comfortable that they forget that no job is secured any where in the world. Blame our educational system which encourages you to get a degree and secure a good job while non of our universities have entrepreneurial studies in their curriculum has continued to bewildered me. Let’s wake up now or forever be behind these colonial masters of the 21st century.

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