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I look forward to see injured Egwim’s return to football – Goalkeeper Yekeen

Goalkeeper Kazeem Yekeen of El-Kanemi Warriors of Maiduguri says he is looking forward to seeing injured striker, Ifeanyi Egwim of Rangers International FC, back on his feet and playing again.

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Yekeen, while reflecting on Tuesday on the incident which led into Egwim being carried off in an ambulance during a Nigeria Professional Football League match on Sunday, said it was a regrettable incident, which he was however hopeful about.

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Egwim was injured in the 89th minute of the Match Day 38 fixture of the 2015/2016 NPFL game.

Yekeen insisted that there was no contact between him and Egwim before he (the latter) fell and that Egwim fractured his leg while trying to avoid a contact with him.

Yekeen said: “It is a regrettable incident because Egwim got injured while trying to avoid a clash with me and I believe that was evident and clear to the officials when they saw the replay.”

The goalkeeper who until that incident had been outstanding in spite of conceding three goals, however, said he was still very disconsolate about the event.

He said: “I feel very bad about the injury and I am not happy over it.

“In my entire football career, I have never inflicted on a fellow player a small cut not to talk of handing anyone an injury.”

Yekeen also expressed his personal grief about Egwim’s injury in view of the fact that injuries to players could be career-threatening and affect the concerned individual’s economic well-being.

He also stated: “I feel very sorry for him because I am also a footballer and this is where we all feed our family.

“It’s very rare in Nigeria for us to get proper care when we are injured.

“But I wish him quick recovery and pray that he get back to his feet and start playing again as soon as possible.”

Egwim had only lasted six minutes on the pitch after replacing Ocheme Edoh in the 83rd minute before the injury.

The incident had led to Yekeen being sent off by referee Ferdinand Udoh and a penalty kick awarded to hosts, Rangers, at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium in Enugu.

The penalty kick was scored by Chisom Egbuchulam for the match’s fourth goal in the 4-0 win by the hosts.

The match had capped Rangers’ impressive performance for their first league title in 32 years.

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  1. Wish him quick recovery as well


  2. Fast recovery


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