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Meet the Doting Dad Who Carries His Newborn Baby to Work Everyday (Photo)

A dad has surprised many after revealing how he learnt to babysit and now carries his baby to work everyday.


A doting dad has captured the interest of his country men after it was revealed he goes to work with his daughter everyday.

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The man from Kenya is doing what most women cannot do. Shamora Collins took the decision after his wife’s maternity leave ended and she had to resume work. The man revealed he refused to hire maids owing to the rising cases of brutality against children by house helps, so decided to baby sit on his own.

“When my wife’s maternity was done she wondered what we would do for baby Christabel since she had to resume work.. I thought of hiring a maid but after seeing brutal maids actions I told my wife I will be going to work with her….. She laughed I told her I couldn’t risk my child with a maid,” he wrote on Facebook.

By requesting to be taught on how to take care of the baby before he took up the role on a full time basis, Collins has continued to wow many.

“My work being flexible and my wife couldn’t go with her. I took up the role. So I asked my wife how to bathe her, feed her, dress her and how to hold her which she gladly taught me.

“It’s a month now since I started working with my daughter. I am happy and enjoying every moment, she no longer cries for the mum anymore,” Collins expressed.

He has now become a somewhat of a celebrity in Kenya.

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  1. Wonders shall never end


  2. Na him palava be that


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